'This is vile': Horror ensues after Marjorie Taylor Greene named 'Speaker pro tempore'

'This is vile': Horror ensues after Marjorie Taylor Greene named 'Speaker pro tempore'
NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND - MARCH 03: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort Hotel And Convention Center on March 03, 2023 in National Harbor, Maryland. The annual conservative conference entered its second day of programming with speakers including congressional members, media personalities and members of former President Donald Trump's administration. President Donald Trump will address the event on Saturday. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images).

United States House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) rewarded Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) by naming her as his understudy on Wednesday morning.

"The Speaker's Rooms, Washington, DC, March 8th, 2023. I hereby appoint the Honorable Marjorie Taylor Greene to act as Speaker pro tempore on this day. Signed, Kevin McCarthy, speaker of the House of Representatives," House Reading Clerk Susan Cole recited from prepared remarks.

Sitting in McCarthy's chair, Greene proclaimed: "Pursuant to the order of the House of January 9th, 2023, the chair will now recognize members from the list submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. The Chair will alternate recognition between the parties, with time equally allocated between the parties and each Member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip limited to 5 minutes, but in no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m."

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Observers on social media were horrified.

Mark Jacob: "Marjorie Taylor Greene sitting in the House speaker's chair. This ought to scare the sh*t out of all of us."

Chidi: "A QAnon conspiracy theorist and one of the major players who actively tried to overthrow the government appointed to act as speaker pro tempore. This is a sad reflection of how far America has fallen. Kevin McCarthy is a Speaker in name only - MTG owns him. And this is a distraction away from the tapes he released to Tucker Carlson."

Aaron Parnas: "Kevin McCarthy just appointed the real Speaker of the House. Absolutely despicable to reward her."

Jo: "This is f*cking terrifying."

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Jen Psaki's Head Tilt: "Kevin McCarthy continues to insult Congress and the American people by anointing an insurrectionist to act as Speaker. This is vile."

Jen Resisted: "This is what happens when there aren't any consequences for sedition, or anything."

Scott Dworkin: "'The honorable' Marjorie Taylor Greene, said no one sane."

Jamie Schler: "This is the worst horror movie of all times."

Brett Pransky: "Fire all the script-writers. The story has become unbelievable."

Em: "The Republican Party is just so broken."

Watch below or at this link.

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