'Plenty of whine': MAGA cruise chief mocked for encouraging guests despite fear of 'trouble'

'Plenty of whine': MAGA cruise chief mocked for encouraging guests despite fear of 'trouble'

A right-wing cruise ship director during a recent interview encouraged MAGA fans to consider joining the Ultra MAGA NYC Cruise, despite any reservations they may have.

Former GOP prosecutor Ron Filipkowski shared a clip of the MAGA supporter's spiel, writing, "'Ultra MAGA NYC Cruise' Director says that he understands that people may be hesitant to sign up because they are afraid they might get in trouble with the FBI, the police or their employer, but he knows how to deal with those issues."

He emphasized, "Over the last few months, there's been a lot of people telling me they're afraid of getting in trouble."

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However, the video ends with the MAGA fan still encourages people to consider the cruise saying, "This is it, this is your chance."

Social media users were quick to mock the cruise director's pitch.

Ron Shillman: "There will be plenty of whine."

Gailen David: "Who do we call to order the iceberg?"

Bruce Goldberg: "I've been hard pressed to pin down the ideal post-election career path for Kari lake, but as an Ultra MAGA Cruise Director, I'm convinced she could really give Julie McCoy a run for her money."

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Phillipe de Gravaux: "Or maybe they just want to drink Bud Light."

Smigman1: "When I hear Maga Cruise, I think of Maga Cruz."

Toni: "If you are afraid to sign up for a cruise because you might get arrested, maybe it's a bad idea to support that cause.. Just saying"

Eric Foltz: "Well, since any true MAGA wouldn't be vaccinated, this should end well."

@Blind_Dogg: "I don't see anything going wrong"

@Davidangelsd1: "Because, nothing says I probably committed a felony on January 6th like a Red MAGA hat.."

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Callypigia1: "I'm sure an ultra-MAGA cruise wouldn't let itself be bothered with pesky regulations regarding food safety, seaworthiness, hygiene, etc."

Will Hackett: "This would be my actual worst nightmare."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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