'Lied about her lies': US Rep. Boebert’s Dem rival insists she’s not 'what the voters want'

'Lied about her lies': US Rep. Boebert’s Dem rival insists she’s not 'what the voters want'

Colorado Democratic congressional candidate Adam Fisch, during a Sunday interview with MSNBC host Symone Sanders-Townsend, slammed United States Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) over her recent incident as a local Denver theatre.

The right-wing congresswoman was recently kicked out of a "Beetlejuice" performance "after she was caught 'vaping, singing, recording, and 'causing a disturbance,'" according to The Denver Post.

The Guardian reports, "Boebert and her campaign manager initially denied that she was vaping and said she was removed for being too loud. But surveillance video obtained by the Denver television station 9News shows the congresswoman openly vaping during the performance."

She has since issued a public apology, calling the incident "difficult and humbling," according to the report.

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TIME reports:

Last year, Democrat Adam Frisch launched what most thought was a longshot bid for Congress against one of the nation’s most famous conservative firebrands: Rep. Lauren Boebert. It ended up becoming the closest House race in the country, with the Republican incumbent squeaking through by 546 votes.

Now, Fisch is ready to take on the hard-right lawmaker again.

Sanders-Townsend said to Fisch, "I have to get your reaction to the "Beetlejuice" incident and the congresswoman's response."

The Democratic candidate replied, "Yeah, Symone, great to be here with you and the viewers. It's just another notch in the belt of embarrassment. And it's horrible to get into that conversation — she even lied about her lies. So, at the end of the, the voters are sick and tired of this embarrassment, whether it's an audience member watching a theater performance, but what's even worse is her embarrassment in the halls of Congress and those committee meetings. When she's not focused on the job, she's very focused on herself. And there's real issues out there, with real access to health care and reproductive right protection. Let's remember that Representative Boebert wants to ban all abortions across the country as well. And one of the reasons for doing so well is because we are focused on the task at hand, which is what the voters want, and not this anchor-tainment industry that she's so proud of participating in, even in her off time."

Watch the video below or at this link.

Lauren Boebert's Democratic rival on her boot from Beetlejuice performancewww.youtube.com

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TIME's full report is available at this link. The Guardian's report is here (subscription required).

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