Kremlin propaganda laden with 'clashes and contradictions' over visions of Russian 'victory': report

Kremlin propaganda laden with 'clashes and contradictions' over visions of Russian 'victory': report
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 25 (RUSSIA OUT) Russian President Vladimir Putin enters the hall during a tripartite meeting at the Grand Kremlin Palace on May 25, 2023, in Moscow, Russia. Leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia discussed the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict during the event, hosted by Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). (Photo by Contributor/Getty Images).

When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his ill-begotten invasion of Ukraine 462 days ago, he was expecting to storm into its capital Kyiv, topple its democratic government, and replace Jewish President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a person friendlier to Moscow who could help Putin finish "demilitarizing and denazifying" the country.

But with staggering casualties on both sides, rampant allegations of war crimes, and Ukraine's formidable performance defending itself thanks to Western aid, Putin is evidently straining to maintain a cohesive narrative.

On Wednesday, Russian Media Monitor founder Julia Davis revealed in The Daily Beast that "even the most ardent pro-Kremlin propagandists" and "talking heads are struggling to get on the same page about what a 'Russian victory' actually looks like, leaving state television brimming with clashes and contradictions."

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For instance, Davis recalled that The Meeting Place host Andrey Norkin sparked ire among his panelists when he wondered, "During the last year and two months since the start of the special operation, I’ve traveled dozens of times throughout the country... Every time I am asked: 'Why is it taking so long, why isn't it more decisive? To put it harshly, why aren't we destroying them like rats?'"

State Duma member Alexander Kazakov, Davis continued, "delved into fantasy" when he elucidated his ideal scenario.

"I am for peace, I am anti-war. I am for peace after our victory," he said. "We get to the borders of NATO, either through our military or diplomatic efforts, Ukraine disappears from the political map. As a result of that, the United States gets out of Eurasia and along with China, India and other leading countries on this continent, we will set our own rules."

Conversely, former State Duma Deputy Boris Nadezhdin opined that defeating Ukraine is meaningless if the only outcome is death and destruction:

What would victory look like? We can see it by looking at Bakhmut, the city where 70,000 people used to live, with children and kindergartens. It was simply wiped off the face of the Earth. Everyone who could escape from there did just that.

If victory means conquering ruins without the people, I don't know who needs this kind of victory... In some Russian cities, they are running out of men.

The sooner this horror comes to an end, the better it will be for Ukrainians and Russians alike.

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Davis' report continues at this link (subscription required).

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