'This isn’t freedom!' Joy Reid says DeSantis’ policies will never succeed on a national level

'This isn’t freedom!' Joy Reid says DeSantis’ policies will never succeed on a national level
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MSNBC host Joy Reid of The Reid Out on Friday shot down the idea that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' policies could ever be successful on a national level, Mediaite reports.

The GOP governor who continues to implement anti-abortion, anti-diversity and anti-LGBTQ+ policies across the Sunshine State is expected to announce his 2024 presidential bid next week.

Reid said, "What parents and regular people – normal people – understand, is 'Hang on a second – I'm raising my kid,'" she said. "'I'm taking my kid to my doctor. And then you're going to tell me you're going to take my kid because you don't like the medical decisions I’m making? You're going to tell my Black child they can’t read a book about Black history? Really?'"

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She continued, "You're gonna tell my female child they can't take history about women? You're going to tell my Jewish child they can't learn about the Holocaust because you don't like it?"

The host then emphasized, “This isn't freedom! This is not a freedom agenda. This is a 'do what Ron DeSantis tells you to do, the state owns you' agenda. Who does he think that's gonna attract?"

Reid spoke with MSNBC political analysts Susan Del Percio and Michelle Goldberg about her sentiments, and Goldberg asserted the governor "misunderstood the election results" when he won reelection by by 19 points last year.

Del Percio reiterated her colleagues point: "I think Michelle was spot on when she said that Desantis misunderstood the election results for 2022. He really didn't get what was driving people…. They didn't show up. I mean, there was a big difference – 900,000 fewer votes cast on the Democratic line from '18 to 2022. So, people maybe didn’t come out against him, but they didn't come out for him either."

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"It makes no sense he is touting himself as an alternative to Donald Trump, when actually his baggage is policy baggage, which is much more dangerous to carry around in a general election.

Reid chimes in saying, "And he also, he's Trump with a completely subjugated legislature. So, the idea he could do on a national scale what he does in Florida is bulls**t. I'm sorry to use the horrible word, but it’s not real because he's got a sycophant legislature that will pass anything he says."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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