Jesse Watters offers Republicans a 'Black outreach plan'

Jesse Watters offers Republicans a 'Black outreach plan'
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Fox News host Jesse Watters introduced his personal 'Black outreach plan' on Wednesday's edition of The Five.

After assessing that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin should not seek the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, Watters shared his advice for how Republicans can endear themselves to Black voters.

Republicans "need to reach out to Blacks more, they need to reach out to Hispanics more and Asians more," Watters began.

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"Would you like to hear the Jesse Watters Black Outreach Plan?" Watters asked his four colleagues, who chuckled at the question.

"Number one. The Republican Party has to remind everyone that the Republican Party fought to free the slaves. That tells the truth about the history of this country, and it puts the Democrats in a very awkward position," Watters said.

He was far from finished.

"I would encourage Black Americans to leave the cities," Watters continued. "These cities, the air is not clean. The quarters are cramped. There's crime. Get some fresh air. You can go to Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado. You could get cheap land. You get a beautiful house, and what comes with that? I'll tell you what comes with that. Better health. You're walking, you're outside. It's cleaner. You know, there's no violence around there, and better schools are out there. You're not in these inner-city public schools. You also have access to guns. They won't let you have a gun in Philly. They won't let you have a gun in New York. It's almost impossible to do that. So you can exercise your Second Amendment, and then you hit the schools, obviously, school choice."

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Next, Watters urged Americans of color to "lean into Christ because Black Americans are very religious. They don't talk about it the same way the Republican Party talks about it. It's a little bit of a cultural difference, but the Republicans should really lean into that. And then lastly, focus on marriage and home ownership. Combining marriage with home ownership — that creates wealth and those two concepts are the main concepts for wealth creation in this country."

Watters concluded, "That is the Jesse Waters Black Outreach Plan, and I encourage everybody to follow it."

The other panelists struggled to comment through their laughter.

"How does it differ from a white outreach plan?" one of the men wondered.

"Oh, you want me to do the Asian one too?" Watters joked. "No, we don't have time."

Watch below via The Daily Beast correspondent Justin Baragona or at this link.

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