'Are you good?' Jen Psaki mercilessly mocks Ron DeSantis’ crumbling campaign

'Are you good?' Jen Psaki mercilessly mocks Ron DeSantis’ crumbling campaign
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During Friday night's segment of MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes,guest host Jen Psaki ruthlessly ridiculed Florida Republican Governor Ron Desantis' "increasingly bizarre" 2024 presidential campaign.

The former White House secretary highlighted the fact DeSantis received significant backlash from his fellow GOP candidate, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) this week over the governor's new education curriculum, which teaches "slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit."

Psaki opened the segment saying, "So lately, as I have been watching the way Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is running his presidential campaign, there is a question that has been running through my mind Are you okay, Governor? I mean, for real? Are you good? It's okay if you don't actually want to run for president. It's completely okay. It's difficult, really, to take away any other conclusion. When you look at the events of the last few weeks from the Florida governor's increasingly bizarre campaign for the White House."

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She continued, "Take his recent fundraising report. It turns out until recently, at least, he was burning through money like a teen pop star with a new record deal. For anyone who doesn't follow that, it's quite quickly. But this whole spending issue was apparently news to Ron DeSantis. This detail from some of the reporting earlier this week really stuck out to me. Quote, that the campaign did not hit expected fundraising targets and spent exorbitantly caught the candidate and his wife by surprise, a person with knowledge of the reaction said. Now, here's the thing: DeSantis and his wife have been criss crossing the country on a private plane, private jets spending more than $1,000,000 on air travel. I mean, did they walk onto that plane and think those jets were free or something? Don't they know free? Private jet rides are only available to conservative Supreme Court justices with rich benefactors? Sorry, I couldn't help myself on that one.

The MSNBC host didn't stop there.

"And it is not just the fundraising either," she emphasized. "It's it's hard to imagine that Desantis' defense of some policies had the goal of actually winning votes in mind. This week, he defended a decision by the Florida Department of Education to include language in the state curriculum, effectively defending slavery and touting the supposed benefits of it to people who were enslaved. I mean, it was so beyond the pale. Even the standards of conservative culture wars didn't buy it, didn't buy into it. It sparked one of the first attacks this primary cycle from the friendly and mild mannered Republican candidate, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who criticized the governor's comments by pointing out there is no silver lining in slavery. Fact check. That one's very, very true. Side note, this one's for you, Tim Scott. We know you have it in you now. We know you are not just nice. Don't stop with DeSantis. Some free political advice for you. Google "Trump crimes mob." It's gonna blow your mind, and might give you some ideas. We'll see. We'll see what you do over the next few weeks."

Psaki concluded, "Now this week, DeSantis also somehow managed to hit the double whammy, angering two different political constituencies at the same time. Republicans who are anti-conspiracy theorists and Republicans who are anti-Democrat. When he floated a position in his administration for Democratic presidential candidate and noted anti-vaxxer RFK Jr. He even tried to walk it back since then. But, it was so ridiculous that even Mike Pence took a swing. Mike Pence. While we are handing out political advice though, sidenone for you, Mike Pence: we know you have it in you, too. Deep down in there, somewhere. Your homework is to google "January 6th" and "Hang Mike Pence." Wasn't great, and feels like you of all people have the right to point that out more frequently out there on the campaign trail and the role Donald Trump had in all of that. So, DeSantis is flandering in the polls, burning through cash, defending the merits of slavery, floating jobs for conspiracy theorist Democrats. It's enough to make you wonder if this whole campaign is really a cry for help. Does he really wanna do it? Just know that you can always take solace in the knowledge that you still have the political X-factor. That unteachable gift for retail politics that can make up for all of it.

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Watch the video below or at this link.

'Are you ok?!': Psaki puzzled by DeSantis’ 'bizarre' campaign amid spiralyoutu.be

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