'I am your retribution': These Democrats have become prime targets of MAGA’s thirst for 'vengeance'

'I am your retribution': These Democrats have become prime targets of MAGA’s thirst for 'vengeance'

For many years, President Ronald Reagan was the most influential figure in the Republican Party. 2008's GOP presidential primary candidates were mocked for invoking Reagan's name incessantly during one of their debates; whether they were being asked about taxes, U.S. foreign policy, the war in Iraq or abortion, they somehow found a way to mention Reagan.

But that changed when Donald Trump won the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Ever since then, Trump and the MAGA movement have dominated the GOP. And one of MAGA's characteristics is an obsession with revenge.

Wisconsin-based journalist Bill Lueders, in a listicle published by The Bulwark on May 12, cites several examples of Democrats who have become targets for MAGA "retribution."

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"As is so often the case," Lueders explains, "Donald Trump set the template. He told the MAGA faithful gathered on March 4 at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, 'I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.'"

Lueders continues, "Trump has always been animated by a longing to punish his enemies. But now, this desire for vengeance seems to be catching on across the Republican spectrum. Retribution is all the rage — not just to punish political opponents, but to crack down on internal dissent."

The Democrats Lueders lists as targets of MAGA vengeance include, among others, Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, Montana State Rep. Zooey Zephyr, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Tennessee State Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, and Polk County, Iowa DA Kimberly Graham. In November 2022, Lueders recalls, Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to impeach Krasner because of his "reform-minded approach to criminal justice." But the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled that they had no legitimate reason to impeach Krasner and were politically motivated.

Lueders humorously includes "Mickey Mouse" on the list as well, noting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' obsession with punishing Disney for opposing the widely criticized "Don't Say Gay" law.

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"Following a failed attempt to revoke Disney’s special tax district status," Lueders observes, "DeSantis and other Florida officials seized control of the board that oversees development at Walt Disney World…. The company's case may be strengthened by DeSantis' own printed words, given that he made his retaliatory goals against the company explicit in a recent book. Looks like Mickey might just walk away with a smile on his face."

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Find Bill Lueders' full article for The Bulwark at this link.

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