'Democracy has won': Herschel Walker’s ex-girlfriends are celebrating his Senate runoff defeat

'Democracy has won':  Herschel Walker’s ex-girlfriends are celebrating his Senate runoff defeat
Herschel Walker in 2016 (Wikimedia Commons)

Senate Democrats expanded their small majority in the U.S. Senate when incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia defeated MAGA Republican challenger Herschel Walker in a runoff election on Tuesday, December 6. Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, a conservative Republican, openly admitted that Walker was a terrible candidate; Duncan described him as “one of the worst candidates in our party's history” during an interview with CBS News. Nonetheless, it was a close race.

But in the end, Warnock defeated Walker by about 2 percent in the runoff. And in 2023, Democrats will have a 51-49 majority in the U.S. Senate.

Senate Democrats aren’t the only ones who are celebrating Walker’s defeat. In an article published early Wednesday morning, December 7, the Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger reports that some of Walker’s ex-girlfriends are breathing a sigh of relief.

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“Sen. Raphael Warnock’s victory in Georgia’s runoff held special significance for one group: women who had romantic relationships with opponent Herschel Walker and came forward with their stories of secret children, abortions, and abusive behavior,” Sollenberger reports. “To them, the voters’ decision was proof they made the right choice in breaking long-held silences and baring intimate details of their lives so the public would see the Herschel Walker they knew.”

One of those former girlfriends is Dallas resident Cheryl Parsa, who was in a relationship with Walker for half a decade and alleges that on one occasion, he violently attacked her. Two of Walker’s other ex-girlfriends have alleged, in interviews with the Daily Beast, that Walker impregnated them and urged them to have abortions — a glaring example of hypocrisy in light of the fact that Walker favors severe abortion bans even in cases of rape or incest. Walker has vehemently denied their allegations.

Parsa, after Warnock’s victory, told the Beast, “I am extremely proud of the outcome of this runoff. The great people of Georgia deserve better representation in the Senate than Herschel Walker, and today, they have chosen better.”

Sollenberger notes that Walker, during his campaign, “presented himself to voters as” a “deeply religious man who opposed abortion in all cases” and “a loving husband who overcame mental illness.”

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“That image began crumbling when The Daily Beast revealed, on June 14, that Walker had a secret son fathered out of wedlock in addition to his adult son, Christian, a social media influencer who advised his campaign,” Sollenberger reports. “The child’s mother had to take Walker to court for child support…. The Daily Beast revealed that Walker had a second son he had not publicly acknowledged: a 13-year-old by a different woman. And in confirming his paternity, Walker then dropped another bombshell: He also had a grown daughter that almost no one knew about.”

Sollenberger adds, “October brought news that appeared even more damaging to his reputation: The woman from the first secret-child story told The Daily Beast that Walker had paid for her to have an abortion about three years before their son was born. She had literal receipts: a $575 bill from the abortion clinic…. Walker repeatedly denied paying for the abortion, but another ex-lover would later come forward, after lawyering up with Gloria Allred, to say he had also pressured her to abort a pregnancy.”

After Walker’s defeat, Sollenberger reports, the “mother who spoke to The Daily Beast in October” told the publication, “Georgia made their choice today. Herschel will not be their voice. Your votes matter. Your voice matters. When we as a country demand more of our leaders, we will be heard.”

Another one of Walker’s ex-girlfriends who was interviewed after he lost to Warnock told the Beast, “Having Herschel Walker lose this very important Senate race tonight not only vindicates that democracy has won, but the women that he betrayed, have won. The truth has won, and I hope Herschel finds a way to start telling the truth. However, I highly doubt he knows what the truth is anymore.”

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