'Am I hallucinating?': Twitter swiftly reminds Trump 2024 GOP opponent of his party’s 'lock her up' chant

'Am I hallucinating?': Twitter swiftly reminds Trump 2024 GOP opponent of his party’s 'lock her up' chant
Vivek Ramaswamy, Image via Shutterstock

Former President Donald Trump's 2024 opponent and GOP activist, Vivek Ramaswamy, recently suggested during a speech, America is not a country that supports using "police force" to "arrest" and criminally charge "political opposition."

Ramaswamy was speaking at a conservative forum in Charleston, South Carolina, which South Carolina Republicans, 2024 GOP candidate Nikki Haley and potential GOP candidate, Sen. Tim Scott, also attended, according to The New York Times.

@Acyn posted a clip of Ramaswamy's appearance to Twitter, writing, "Ramaswamy: We should not want to live in a country where the party in power is able to use police force to arrest its political opposition."

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Twitter lambasted the conservative's comment, considering the Republican Party has aimed to have former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrested for years now, by coining the motto "Lock her up!"

Brian Tyler Cohen: "Um, @VivekGRamaswamy, the motto of the party you're running to represent is literally 'lock her up.'"

Steward Beckam: "The right wing grifters insist on pretending nothing really bad happened during Trump's administration and it reinforces this snake oil brand of anti intellectualism they bathe in."

Kevin M. Kruse: "We should also not want to live in a country where political leaders are considered immune from prosecution for criminal acts."

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@FakeDawnSummers: "Lmao half of trump's 2016 campaign was locking up Hillary Clinton… am I hallucinating right now? What is happening"

@MplsStew: "We should not want to live in a country where some people are above the law."

@TheCorollary: "That's not what happening and they know it. This is such bad faith bullshit. They'd be for it in a minute if it was a dem."

Luke Zaleski: "This is the most obvious attempt to out-trump trump so far"

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Matthew Neville: "Remember when Republicans were the party of law and order?"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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The New York Times' full report is available at this link.

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