'Eaten alive': Legal analyst predicts why 'Donald Trump is not going to get on the stand'

'Eaten alive': Legal analyst predicts why 'Donald Trump is not going to get on the stand'
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In a previewed clip of new Meet the Press moderator Kristen Welker's interview with former President Donald Trump, the MAGA hopeful said that he plans to take the stand and testify under oath in his May 2024 Mar-a-Lago classified documents trial.

During the September 16 episode of MSNBC's The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart, legal analyst Charles Coleman Jr. slammed the ex-president's claim, explaining why taking the stand is unlikely for the indicted ex-president.

"Charles, I'm going to come back to Donald Trump in the classified document case," Capehart said. "He told Meet the Press moderator Kristen Welker that he would testify, under oath, that he did not order a Mar-a-Lago staffer to delete the security video. Charles, do you think you will follow through? And isn't that a risky move, for any defendant?"

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Coleman replied, "Jonathan, it's not happening. I've made a lot of predictions on the show. And of all the ones I've made, this is the one I feel most strongly about. Donald Trump is not going to get on the stand. No attorney worth his weight or his license will allow Donald Trump to take the stand. Donald Trump will get eaten alive should he decide to take the stand in his own defense, least of all, on the Mar-a-Lago case. Because he's dead to rights, and it's so obvious. I don't necessarily think that this is a good idea.

He continued, "But I don't think it's real discussion because Donald Trump has proven, all the way back to 'We're gonna build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it' that he will say whatever's convenient in the moment, and not worry about the actual facts matching up in the end. And I think that this is another example of that. He's not going to testify. He would not testify. His lawyers would not allow him to testify. Because ultimately, he would just be eviscerated on the stand. So, not really a conversation although, right now, it sounds tough and sensational for the people he is campaigning for as part of the Republican primary. Understand that as well. He is trying to project an image of strength and of being a fighter. But when it comes down to it, this is not going to happen. He is not taking that stand."

Watch the video below or at this link.

"Donald Trump is going to get eaten alive" in Mar-a-Lago docs caseyoutu.be

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