'Donald Trump lied about it': Ari Melber spars with Trump's attorney over Georgia election loss

'Donald Trump lied about it': Ari Melber spars with Trump's attorney over Georgia election loss
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On Tuesday's edition of The Beat, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber got into a spatwith Drew Findling, a defense attorney for former President Donald Trump, over Team Trump's "inability" to concede that Trump was defeated in Georgia to President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

"He lost the election and got people to submit false material to the government and everywhere else or conspire to do so, and that's a potential crime," Melber noted to Findling, who pushed back.

"Now, so, so Ari, let me tell you, because I, what I'm not gonna do is I'm not gonna be a hypocrite and I'm not gonna be disingenuous. When I talk about prosecutors who I know very, very well and, and have great relationships with. But when I call and say and file something that they, that they went down the political avenue and that has no place In this case, I'm not gonna turn around and start being political because then I'm a hypocrite for everything that I put in fifty pages. So respectfully, I appreciate you bringing that up. But I'm not going political, I'm not going political. Absolutely."

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Melber was unamused.

"I appreciate that you appreciate it. I do appreciate being on the show, but I gotta tell you, Drew, I gotta tell you, I'm giving you time and I'll give your colleagues time and we'll have you back. But it is not accurate. But this is a case about trying to steal an election," Melber said. "Ascertaining the facts of that is not quote-unquote political. It is the bleeding, the beating heart of the center of this case because Donald Trump lied about it. And it seems today that you in, you have an inability to acknowledge that he lost the state of Georgia, which is odd because you know, he lost the state of Georgia. We all know that."

Findling kept toeing Trump's false line.

"I don't have an inability to do anything. I have the ability to tell you what I think was in the scope of the questions that I'll answer regarding the filing of fifty pages motion and four hundred pages of exhibits and we got concerns we have about a special purpose grand jury. Nothing..." he stated.

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"I think you'd agree we covered that," Melber interjected.

"Right, understood. And, but, nothing in that is political from our vantage point. In fact, we call out folks for being political, so I'm not gonna be disingenuous and start being political. I'm gonna talk about the facts that are contained in there, right? And I'm not going to be put in a position where I have to make one claim or another claim," Findling continued.

"Um, I am, as you know, you pointed out my relationship to the bar deeply committed to my profession and deeply committed to the Constitution and nothing about that has to do with those facts that you're talking about. And I get you're asking the questions. I get it. I totally get it," he added.

"Yeah," Melber replied. "That's part of, that's part of the job. This is a big issue. I understand. I'm gonna wrap it up this way."

Watch below or at this link.

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