Donald Trump Jr. thrashes at Ron DeSantis in double daytime diatribe

Donald Trump Jr. thrashes at Ron DeSantis in double daytime diatribe
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Donald Trump Junior on Thursday erupted at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for being elsewhere while historic flooding inundates large portions of the Sunshine State.

DeSantis, now in his second term, is widely anticipated to challenge former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Although they used to be close allies, DeSantis' refusal to credit Trump with his political successes carved out an insurmountable schism between the White House hopefuls. DeSantis is also siphoning voters who up until Trump's recent legal predicaments were loyal to his Make America Great Again brand.

Junior's double diatribe reflected the accelerating animosity between the two men.

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Part one focused on the weather:

Also need to talk about DeSantis being absent during natural disasters. I came into Miami last night cuz I couldn't get into Fort Lauderdale because there is historic flooding in the streets. My car is literally still at Fort Lauderdale Airport because I couldn't get in. I couldn't get there to be able to get my vehicle out because I'm hoping it's not underwater but I wouldn't know because one of the major airports of America is shut down. And where's Ron DeSantis? Ron DeSantis is in Ohio instead of Fort Lauderdale Amid the drastic flooding. Okay? He had two events there today. Guess where he's gonna be tomorrow? He is going to be at Liberty University. Now if you're in Ohio, okay. And you do one event and there's flooding, I get it. But it happened yesterday and he's still in Ohio. Guess what? Leaders lead. If you have flooding in your state, I understand your ambition and the people who wanna make a lot of money who are pushing you to run for president, but leaders lead. You get your ass on a plane and you come back and you deal with the issues.

Part two consisted of Junior accusing DeSantis of cozying up to billionaires:

He hopes to blunt and I quote 'the populist vein' of the party. Wait, you wanna blunt the populist vein, like the populist vein that represents the hardworking men and women of the MAGA movement? You wanna blunt that to go back to the elites? Of course. That's why the billionaire class is loving Ron DeSantis, cuz they want a president that responds to them. They want a president that needs them and their money. They want that control, and they want to destroy the MAGA movement. And since DeSantis has been slipping – whether it's the flip flop on Ukraine where he tried taking like Trump-light approach to it, and apparently his donors or Carl Rove or Paul Ryan smacked him around a little bit and demanded he'd change his mind Two days later after he spoke to Tucker Carlson – now they've resorted to lying.

Watch Junior below or at this link.

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