Did Trump Just Accidentally Reveal He Wrote Melania's Suspiciously Trump-Like Tweet?

Melania Trump hasn't made a public appearance in three weeks.

Photo Credit: FlickR/Marc Nozell

Some suspiciously similar phrasing is raising some eyebrows about whether President Donald Trump is writing tweets on behalf of his wife.

As highlighted by Politico reporter Kyle Cheney, Trump’s Thursday morning tweet attacking the media for its Russia probe coverage begins with the same phrasing as a Wednesday night Melania Trump tweet attacking the media for asking questions about her whereabouts.

“The corrupt Mainstream Media is working overtime not to mention the infiltration of people, Spies (Informants), into my campaign!” Trump wrote on Thursday, rehashing his baseless claim that former President Barack Obama implanted a “spy” in his campaign.

A tweet from Melania Trump on Wednesday, meanwhile, read, “I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing.”

Some media reports have been questioning Melania Trump’s whereabouts, as she hasn’t made a public appearance of any kind for the past three weeks.

Check out both tweets below.

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Brad Reed is a news writer at Raw Story.