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Brad Reed

In campaign call, Trump attacks Dr. Fauci and ‘these idiots’ who keep talking about COVID-19

President Donald Trump on Monday once again lashed out at America's top infectious disease expert.

During a call with campaign staff, the president bitterly complained that there has been so much attention paid to the COVID-19 pandemic, which so far has killed 220,000 Americans in eight months while simultaneously upending the American economy and putting millions out of work.

"People are tired of COVID," the president ranted during the call, according to the New York Times' Maggie Haberman. "People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots, all these idiots who got it wrong… Fauci's a nice guy, he's been here for 500 years."

The president also called Fauci "a disaster" and lamented that he would receive lots of negative press for firing him.

"If I listened to [Fauci], we'd have 500,000 deaths," the president fumed.

Trump for the last month has been trying to claim that America is "rounding the corner" on COVID-19, even though infections from the disease have been surging and are now averaging more than 50,000 a day.

"If I listened to [Fauci], we'd have 500,000 deaths," the president fumed.

Trump for the last month has been trying to claim that America is "rounding the corner" on COVID-19, even though infections from the disease have been surging and are now averaging more than 50,000 a day.

There's a surprising source that's crushing Donald Trump: report

President Donald Trump's decision to defy public health experts and hold mass rallies in states where COVID-19 cases are surging is doing the president more harm than good, according to a longtime GOP strategist.

Mark McKinnon, who served as a campaign adviser to both former President George W. Bush and the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), told CNN on Monday that Trump's COVID super-spreader rallies across the country are generating a backlash in communities that have been afflicted by the novel coronavirus.

"The problem with the rallies is that he's going into states, many of which are seeing coronavirus spikes," McKinnon said. "So he's exacerbating the problem that he's got, which as the race has become a referendum on COVID. So he goes to the states and the local coverage, especially, is packing a punch because it's saying Donald Trump is here, COVID is spiking, meanwhile he's holding huge rallies with people who are not socially distancing and many of whom are not wearing masks."

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers chimed in to say that the president thinks his super-spreader rallies are a winning strategy because he's had his brain locked into the Fox News ecosystem.

"I think Donald Trump always has focused primarily on his very core supporters, right, the people who show up to the rallies," she said. "And so he lives in a bit of an alternative universe, where COVID isn't the biggest problem in the world, and in fact, it's something that the media is exaggerating, and that people are using to harm Donald Trump. Facts be damned, reality be damned."

Watch the video below.

Trump falls for satirical website's fake news story about Twitter helping Biden

President Donald Trump on Friday got fooled into believing a headline from a satirical website was an actual news story.

Specifically, the president posted a link to the conservative parody news website Babylon Bee, which earlier this week published a satirical story with the headline, "Twitter Shuts Down Entire Network To Slow Spread Of Negative Biden News."

"Wow, this has never been done in history," the president wrote. "This includes his really bad interview last night. Why is Twitter doing this. Bringing more attention to Sleepy Joe & Big T."

In reality, of course, Twitter couldn't have shut down its entire network because otherwise Trump would not be able to take to Twitter to complain about it.

International elections experts sound the alarm about Trump’s rhetoric: ‘Violence could be quite serious’

President Donald Trump's rhetoric about Democrats stealing the 2020 presidential election is raising alarms among international elections observers who say that the president could inspire his supporters to commit acts of violence at polling places.

The New York Times reports that the International Crisis Group, a nonprofit based in Belgium that monitors political conflicts around the world, is for the first time warning about violence erupting the United States over the 2020 election.

"We would never predict civil war, but isolated incidents of violence could be quite serious," said Robert Malley, who is the group's president.

Janet Napolitano, who served as Secretary of Homeland Security under former President Barack Obama, said that Trump's reckless rhetoric about recruiting an "army" of poll watchers has significantly increased the risk of violence.

"It's so concerning the president just doesn't seem to have any kind of guard rails between what he thinks at the spur of the moment and what he says or writes," she said. "We've seen it in the rise of these right-wing militia groups and it's almost as if implicitly he's giving them permission to take whatever action they want up to and including kidnapping a sitting governor."

Michigan State Representative Sarah Anthony, a Black lawmaker who now travels with armed security guards due to threats from militia groups, told the Times that many Trump supporters are taking his rhetoric about the election being stolen from them very seriously.

"Hopefully it will be peaceful, but groups like this are causing fear in my community," she said. "This is Trump's army, the same ones who will show up at our polling places."

Texas Trump supporter regrets not taking COVID seriously: ‘I feel like a drunk driver that killed his family’

A supporter of President Donald Trump told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday that he regrets following the president's example by blowing off warnings about the novel coronavirus.

While appearing on CNN, Texas resident Tony Green admitted that he used to think the pandemic was a hoax until 14 members of his family came down with the novel coronavirus after attending a gathering at his home.

Green himself wound up getting hospitalized after contracting the virus, and two members of his family died as a result.

"I feel like a drunk driver that killed his family," he said. "I know logically that, you know, we all came here on our own accord. We knew that there was a possible risk. But, you know, it's my home. I'm the one that hosted. And, you know, somebody got sick."

Green ended the interview by issuing a heartfelt mea culpa and urged supporters of the president to take the virus seriously.

"I'm falling on my sword," he said. "It's humiliating, embarrassing and hurtful and it's just reminding me constantly, you know, what our family's been through. So I'm doing that basically for awareness. I want to stop the spread."

Watch the video below.

Trump fan regrets not taking COVID seriously: 'I feel like a drunk driver that killed his family'

Top GOP donor floats ‘sacrificing’ Trump to ‘protect the Senate at all costs’

President Donald Trump keeps getting brutal polling numbers, and the latest polling averages at both FiveThirtyEight and Real Clear Politics show the president losing to Democratic rival Joe Biden by roughly 10 points.

While many Trump-backing Republicans haven't totally given up hope, they're starting to contemplate alternate electoral strategies that don't involve holding onto the White House and instead keeping the Senate as a way to obstruct anything Biden proposes should he win the White House.

"I hope the polls have it wrong," Dan Eberhart, a top GOP donor, tells the Associated Press. "But Republicans… need to develop a campaign strategy committed to protecting the Senate at all costs, even if it means sacrificing the Oval Office."

Former George W. Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, who is a reliable defender of the president, tells the AP that he fears Trump is leading his party to a total wipeout where no clever strategy for maintaining the Senate will suffice.

"He's in trouble, there's no question," he said. "By every traditional measuring stick, this looks like a Biden landslide. It's hard to predict what will happen in Congress, but anytime there is a large-scale victory, it has the potential to create tides to sweep people out."

‘Ending the nightmare’: These 4 states could deliver a knockout blow to Trump on election night

President Donald Trump is hoping that the 2020 presidential election once again comes down to the Midwestern battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, all of which are projected to take longer than usual to announce vote totals this year thanks to a massive increase in mail-in ballots.

However, Politico reports that many allies of Democratic nominee Joe Biden are hoping to deliver a knockout blow to the president on election night that means America won't have to wait days to find out who its next president will be.

One state that is projected to have its ballots counted on election night is Ohio, where recent polls show Trump and Biden are running neck and neck and where local Democrats are encouraging the Biden campaign to make a big push.

"In the past, the tipping point was the state that got you the Electoral College victory," Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper explained. "Given what Trump is doing… people see that if you can make the tipping point ending the nightmare before it starts, make that the tipping point."

In addition to Ohio and its 18 electoral votes, other states that Politico says could deliver an election night knockout include Florida (29 votes), North Carolina (15 votes) and Arizona (11 votes).

Ted Cruz fears Republicans are facing a 'bloodbath' at the polls

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is warning that Republicans could face a "bloodbath" in the coming elections if American voters remain unhappy with the state of the economy and the novel coronavirus pandemic.

During an appearance on CNBC's "Squawk Box," Cruz said that Republicans could win the election "if people are going back to work, if they're optimistic, if they're positive about the future."

However, the senator warned that the opposite scenario could also come to pass.

"But I also think if on Election Day, people are angry and they've given up hope and they're depressed, which is what Pelosi, and Schumer want them to be, I think it could be a terrible election," he warned. "I think we could lose the White House and both houses of Congress, that it could be a bloodbath of Watergate proportions."

Cruz then falsely blamed Pelosi for holding up a relief aid deal, despite the fact that President Donald Trump was the one who unilaterally called off negotiations just this week.

However, Cruz said that he spoke with the president earlier this week and claimed that he's now changed his mind and wants to make a deal after all.

'What a joke': Trump fans furious after president is denied Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Committee announced on Friday that it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Program for its "efforts to combat hunger" and "its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas." However, many supporters of President Donald Trump were extremely upset that the president didn't get the prize for helping negotiate deals to normalize relations between Israel and multiple Middle Eastern nations. In fact, the president has boasted several times that he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, despite the fact that practically anyone can submit anybody to be nominated for the award. Check out some angry reactions from Trump fans below.

Here are the 5 whackiest moments from Trump’s unhinged Fox Business interview

President Donald Trump on Thursday did an interview with Fox Business's Maria Bartiromo in which he made a series of wild and unhinged accusations against his political opponents.

Below are the five craziest moments from the president's rant.

1.) Trump says that Attorney General Bill Barr can only be considered successful if both former President Barack Obama and Democratic rival Joe Biden are arrested for purportedly "spying" on his campaign.

Even though Barr has said he does not expect Obama or Biden to be charged with any crimes, Trump complained that wasn't good enough for him.

"Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes — the greatest political crime in history of our country — then we'll get little satisfaction," Trump said. "And that includes Obama and that includes Biden."

2.) Trump calls Kamala Harris a "monster" and a "communist" and implies that she'll try to overthrow Joe Biden within two months of getting elected.

"She's going to be, in my opinion, within a month… look, I sat next to Joe and I looked at Joe, and Joe's not lasting two months as president," he said. "She's a communist! She's not a socialist, she's well beyond a socialist!"

Later in the interview, he described Harris as "this monster."

3.) Trump brushes off polls and says he knows he's winning because of his support from boaters.

The president was asked what he made of a slew of new polls that showed him trailing Biden by double digits — including one from the reliably conservative Rasmussen that showed him down by 12 points.

"I don't believe them," Trump replied. "Because we've never had this much support! They have a boat thing, they have 5,000 boats, they have thousands of trucks all over the country! I don't believe the polls!"

4.) Trump said that no one even disputes that he's done more for Black Americans than anyone since Abraham Lincoln.

The president has regularly claimed that he's done more for Black Americans than any president since Abraham Lincoln, which historians have said is a ridiculous claim given the actions taken by presidents such as Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson to advance civil rights.

Now, however, the president is so confident in his false claims about helping Black Americans that he thinks it's beyond dispute.

"Nobody's ever done what I've done for the Black community other than Abraham Lincoln!" he said. "They don't even challenge me on that!"

5.) Trump rants about Hillary Clinton's emails and demands to know why she hasn't been indicted.

Even though the Clinton State Department email scandal hasn't been in the headlines for four years now, the president talked about it multiple times during his interview.

In fact, Trump even brought up the Clinton emails completely unprompted after Bartiromo told him that she'd love to do an in-person interview with him soon.

"Why isn't Hillary Clinton being indicted for terminating 33,000 emails?!" he yelled. "Everybody else I know gets indicted… she destroyed 33,000 emails! Forget about the fact that they were classified, maybe Mike Pompeo finally finds them!"