'Famously conservative Muhammad Ali': DeSantis slammed for new 'War on Woke' ad

'Famously conservative Muhammad Ali': DeSantis slammed for new 'War on Woke' ad
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaking in Phoenix in August 2022 (Gage Skidmore)
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Never Back Down, the super PAC backing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been making strides in its advertising department, promoting the governor's anti-woke talking points and strategies as he prepares to announce his 2024 presidential bid.

On Sunday, Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC's All in With Chris Hayes, shared a photo of Never Back Down's latest DeSantis magazine ad, next to a famous photo capturing one of Muhammad Ali's well-known victories, writing, "DeSantis Super PAC copying the famous Ali-Frazier photo for RD's 'War on Woke' is too perfect."

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Although Hayes referred to the historic picture taken by Sports Illustrated photographer Neil Leifer as the "Ali-Frazier" photo — Ali's opponent pictured was heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston.

The DeSantis ad reads: When the world lost its mind...When common sense suddenly became an uncommon virtue...RON DESANTIS FOUGHT BACK AGAINST THE WOKE ELITES AND WON."

Additionally, the ad also includes a cartoon drawing of the possible 2024 hopeful wearing boxing gloves, standing over a man lying on the ground — while wearing a mouse nose, which some believe could be a reference to Mickey Mouse, or a nod to the governor's ongoing feud with Walt Disney World.

Aside from his legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali was also known to advocate for racial justice — something DeSantis has been adamant about completely erasing from Florida classrooms.

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The University of Louisville Library's website notes Ali as someone who was dedicated to "challenging white supremacy, racism, segregation and U.S. hegemony."

Hence, social media users tore into the GOP governor for the irony of the ad.

MeidasTouch: "To be fair he probably banned the original photo in Florida"

SemmiEcon: "Yes…. The famously anti-woke Muhammad Ali would definitely be supporting Ron DeSantis. (Can Florida schools even teach about Ali? Can FL libraries have books about Ali? I’d really like someone to ask RD about this)"

The Snorkel Podcast: "Oh man, what's the most ridiculous thing about this? DeSantis as super-strong tough guy? The mouse nose, implying that he's won his losing battle against Disney? The idea that there's any such thing as 'woke elites'? Co-opting a black athlete who would be repulsed by DeSantis?"

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Terray Kashuba: "DeSantis is no Ali-Frazer. He's a GOP pro-Putin Fascist wanna be dictator emboldened like other fascists around the world by Donald J. Trump! This ad campaign is subtle propaganda based on lies like Adolf Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda. Remove DeSantis from office while you can."

@FighterofElon: "as if we don't have enough s**t going down here in FL drive over protestors...can not recall Ron? open carry...now punch your neighbor?"

@Tzipshmil: "Oh yea, Muhammad Ali, the famous anti woke. These people aren’t stupid but they think their base is. They're not wrong."

@MBerns247: "Lol Imagine knowing this little about Muhammad Ali"

@ndyjohnson: "This is funny because you can't teach about Ali's political views in Florida schools now"

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