Christian nationalist and pro-Trump pastor insists 'believers' should 'be the ones writing the laws'

Christian nationalist and pro-Trump pastor insists 'believers' should 'be the ones writing the laws'
Sean Feucht, Image via Twitter/Screengrab

Sean Feucht, a proud MAGA preacher, expressed his bold and controversial Christian nationalist views during an appearance earlier this week at a church led by former President Donald Trump supporter, Jackson Lahmeyer, Rolling Stone reports.

Per Rolling Stone, Lahmeyer is not only the pastor of Sheridan Church, but also the founder of Pastors for Trump.

During his speech, Feucht, who "once prayed over Trump in the Oval Office," insisted church and state should not be separate by saying, "America should be governed according to biblical law for the benefit of believers, as a way to prepare for the second coming of Christ," according to Rolling Stone.

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"It's all part of The King coming back," Feucht said to the congregation. "That's what we're practicing for," he said, adding, "That's why we get called 'Christian nationalists.'"

Rolling Stone reports:

Feucht is currently on a fifty-state worship tour to bring his now-open brand of Christian nationalism to every state capitol in the land. That tour has the backing of Turning Point USA, the far-right political shop headed by Charlie Kirk. Its initiative TPUSAFaith has partnered with Fuecht's Let Us Worship project to stage the Kingdom to the Capitol tour. TPUSAFaith's website tells visitors: 'TOGETHER WE CAN RESTORE AMERICA’S BIBLICAL VALUES.'

The tour kicked off in Washington, D.C., last month, with a prayer service in the Capitol rotunda, surreptitiously organized by Boehbert.

Additionally, during his appearance, the right-wing evangelical leader performed "an imaginary dialogue" before the Sheridan Church audience, mocking "secular critics," asking, "You want The Kingdom to be the government?"

He then answered himself: "Yes!"

Feucht continued, "You want God to come on over and take over the government?"

Again, he replied, "Yes!"

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The MAGA minister then proclaimed — referring to Christian nationalists like himself — "We want God to be in control of everything! We want believers to be the ones writing the laws! Yes! Guilty as charged."

Rolling Stone reports:

After this story was first published, Lahmeyer sent an email to supporters titled, 'The Rolling Stone Is After Me, Sheridan.Church & Sean Feucht… AGAIN!' In the body of the email, Lahmeyer characterized this article as part of 'the constant attack' waged against 'authentic Christianity' in America. He called on the faithful 'to engage to preserve our Christian Nation' by acting to 'make sure that President Trump is elected for a third time in 2024' — a reference to the baseless conspiracy theory that Trump won the 2020 election. Lahmeyer insisted that ex-'President Trump has proven to be a friend of the Church in America.'

According to The Christian Post, Feucht has vocalized his opposition to COVID-19 vaccinations and precautions, saying he was "'shocked with the number of pastors and other leaders who complied with the mandates' after government officials restricted or banned public gatherings and worship services in cities across California and around the country."

The Christian Post reports:

Feucht then started a 'Let Us Worship' petition to keep churches open amid the pandemic. After the petition garnered more than 100,000 signatures, Feucht held his first open worship at the Golden Gate Bridge in July 2020.

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Rolling Stone's full report is available at this link (subscription required). The Christian Post's report is here.

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