Watch: Candace Owens self-rationalizes 'healthy discrimination' against 'men that paint their nails'

Watch: Candace Owens self-rationalizes 'healthy discrimination' against 'men that paint their nails'
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Right-wing Daily Wire commentator Candace Owens boasted about how proficient she is at discriminating against individuals who pose no threat to her on Monday's edition of The Candace Owens Show.

Owens was particularly incensed – terrified even – over gender fluidity in public places. This is a common trope that conservatives employ to rationalize the scapegoating of LBGTQ! Americans.

"I definitely discriminate against men that paint their nails and wear dresses. I don't really care how you feel about that. You can wear your dress and you can paint your nails, but I'd prefer you keeping a hundred feet away from a playground and all of the feet away from my children and me. If I see you, I'm going to cross the street, if I'm with my kids," she proclaimed before mocking hypothetical arguments in favor of tolerance – or simply minding one's own business.

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"Oh Candace, be more accepting, you need to be more accepting of the people, the men who like to wear panties," Owens blabbered. "I'm good. You can be more accepting of it. You run that risk – when you see a guy who looks like a freak and you're with your children – and say 'to be accepting I'm gonna put my kids next to him.' I'm not going to be that person. I'm gonna go, 'that looks weird and I'm gonna move away from it. That simple."

Owens became upset over scenarios that exist inside her head, which she used to justify additional acts of "healthy" prejudice:

And by the way, speaking of that sort of discrimination, literally any person no matter how normal they look – if they are at the playground when I take my kids and they're by themselves – I'm like, red flag. Get my kid away from that. Why are you at the playground by yourself? There's no scenario where you should just be an adult at a playground by yourself, especially if you're a male. I suddenly have eyes on them and I'm watching them near the other kids. Just feels wrong. It's a healthy discrimination for me.

I discriminate against doctors, dentists, trainers. I don't want a dentist with bad teeth.

I don't want Lizzo being my trainer. If you want her to be your trainer, have her be your trainer. I am going to discriminate against that is that clinically obese saying that they're gonna get me healthy. I am good on that.

Owens then insisted that her behavior is essential for "survival" and that society should encourage it:

So, all of this to say is, obviously discrimination is built into us for a reason. It's a survival mechanism, right? We want to survive. And so, when we get that feeling – my mother used to refer to it as the heebie-jeebies, when someone just gives you the heebie-jeebies – even if you can't quite put your finger on why – I think you need to lean into that.

And I actually think that society would be safer if we discriminated more. What's happening now is insanity because they're telling us to accept everything. They say, 'oh it's just – oh it's fine, he just has a fetish, he likes to wear panties.'

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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