'Maui is my home — you don’t speak for me': Lauren Boebert slammed over Hawaii fires attack on Biden

'Maui is my home — you don’t speak for me': Lauren Boebert slammed over Hawaii fires attack on Biden
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Image via Twitter.

Social media users slammed Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) over the far-right congresswoman’s suggestion that President Joe Biden isn’t giving adequate attention to the Maui fires.

Authorities on Sunday confirmed that the Lahaina, Hawaii blaze has killed 93 people and left at least 2,200 buildings damaged or destroyed, The Associated Press reports. The blaze has caused an estimated $6 billion in property damage.

“3000 destroyed homes. 80 people dead. Where’s Joe Biden? On vacation of course,” she added.

“There is no bottom for this president.”

The Biden administration on Thursday declared the region a natural disaster area and pledged assistance.

"I want to say a word about the devastating wildfires that have claimed at least 36 lives in Maui, in Hawaii," Biden said at a Thursday event in Salt Lake City. "We have just approved a major disaster declaration of — for Hawaii, which will get aid into the hands of the people desperately needing help now. They've lost — anyone who's lost a loved one, whose home has been damaged or destroyed is going to get help immediately."

Biden said, "we're working as quickly as possible" to fight the fires and evacuate everyone.

He also told the press pool on Sunday, "we're looking into" a trip to Maui.

“There is a total crisis in Maui,” Boebert wrote Saturday on her social media account.

Journalist Ed Krassenstein linked to a CNN report in which Biden pledges to help. “Yes he has,” Krassenstein wrote.

“Boebert is completely clueless,” the group Rocky Mountain Progressives wrote, noting further, “President Biden has already declared Maui a disaster area and is sending emergency supplies and the National Guard. Boebert is trying to use the victims of the Maui victims to her advantage.”

Democratic activist Delilah Asterales, who goes by the handle @HawaiiDelilah on social media replied to Boebert’s post saying: “Maui is my home. You don't speak for me. @Potus immediately declared a 'major disaster' in Hawaii & ordered all available federal assets to help with response. The head of FEMA is ON THE GROUND in Lahaina with Gov Green to determine immediate & long term needs. You are despicable.”

Asterales added: “A word to voters in Colorado's 3rd District: @AdamForColoradois running to unseat Boebert. I don't know him but I am pretty sure he will not embarrass you or exploit the pain of us in Maui in order to attack Joe Biden. Now is a good time to support him.”

Hawaii Governor Josh Green said in a statement Saturday: “We have the support from every level of government, especially given President Biden’s approval of our disaster declaration request today.”

Honolulu resident Gary Chun posted a comment in solidarity with those in his state: "Rep. Boebert, we in Hawai'i look forward to you and your House Republican colleagues to expedite help to the Maui community affected by this tragedy ... as soon as you get your head out of your ʻākea. Mahalo."

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