'Buy Fox News instead': Elon Musk trolled after his poll asking Twitter users if he should step down backfires

'Buy Fox News instead': Elon Musk trolled after his poll asking Twitter users if he should step down backfires
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Twitter owner Elon Musk launched a poll on Sunday afternoon asking users to vote on whether he should stay on as the social media giant's leader.

"I will abide by the results of this poll," Musk pledged. Musk also tweeted that "as the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it."

The survey ultimately received more than 17.5 million responses. A clear majority – 57.5 percent – answered in the affirmative, meaning that Musk now has to decide if he will keep his word.

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Jokes and mockery quickly inundated Musks' thread after the final results were tallied.

Voters Tomorrow Executive Director Santiago Mayer:


Investigative reporter Hugh Lowell of The Guardian:

Remember Musk can still remain chief twit if Pence has the courage

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Yale University Professor of Diagnostic Radiology and Public Health Howard Foreman:

Stop the count!

Journalist David Leavitt:

I was the first person on Twitter to vote and tell Elon Musk to step down as head of Twitter

Comedian Steve Hofstetter:

What a coward. Just say you’ve finally realized it’s better for business if you step down.

A parody account for United States Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith:

Honestly, I think you should sell Twitter and buy Fox News instead.

Condé Nast Chief Legal Affairs Editor Luke Zaleski:

The world’s richest man has taken possession of a global social media platform used by the world’s journalists, scientists, governments, private citizens, businesses, religions, militaries and health/emergency services to share all vital information—It’s going as you might expect

Information security engineer Travis Allen:

I speak for everyone when I say resign immediately

Podcaster and special correspondent Molly Jong-Fast of Vanity Fair:

I’m not sure this is the most scientific way to make a decision like this

Global Zero Managing Partner Derek Johnson:

Ask us if you should delete your account, too.

MySpace founder Tom Anderson:

Depends who you get to run it !

According to Musk, though, "no one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor."

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