'It’s in statute': Bill Barr educates Fox host on need for Trump speedy trial

'It’s in statute': Bill Barr educates Fox host on need for Trump speedy trial
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Fox News host Martha MacCallum wants to know why U.S. Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith is seeking a speedy trial for the third indictment of ex-President Donald Trump over alleged 2020 election interference.

Smith said during his remarks earlier this week ahead of Trump's Thursday, August 3 arraignment, "In this case, my office will seek a speedy trial so that our evidence can be tested in court and judged by a jury of citizens."

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr spoke with MacCallum Friday and explained why, in his opinion, a speedy trial is necessary.

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MacCallum said, "We've heard from Jack Smith twice about how important it is to get this trial done quickly. A speedy trial in this case right. Look at this. On the top level you've got the GOP debate in August. Below that, August 28, the next hearing, the January 6th case, October 2, Trump's civil suit. January 15, the E. Carroll defamation suit. January 15th Iowa Caucuses. Super Tuesday, March 5th. Pyramid scheme investigation, January 29. And it goes on, these are layered on top of each other. How can any person run an election and handle all of this on one plate. And I want to point out one other thing. You look at the Enron case. There was a five-year delay between the investigation of that complex case and when the actual case went to trial. So what's the excuse for a speedy trial in these cases for right now?"

Barr replied, "Well, I think the optimal is always a speedy trial. In fact, it's in statute, and you do try to get a quick resolution of these things. And sometimes it's in the interest of both sides to delay, and sometimes the nature of the case requires delay, but generally speaking, it’s best to get these cases resolved. And deciding when to bring a case is a difficult decision to make. A lot of people are confused about the standards here. The department's policy is simply this: You don't make decisions for the purpose of bringing about a particular political outcome. And then out of that grew the idea that if there's a secret investigation the public doesn't know about, you shouldn't spring it on the public on the eve of an election or too close to an election, or where it would affect the election ton make that known. But those considerations don't apply here. Everyone knew these investigations were going on — the January 6th — People know that this was being investigated as a potential crime."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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