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LOL: Republican Official Thinks Equal Pay for Women Is Unfair to Men

Last week, apparently forgetting that the Internet exists, the (now former) Vice-Chair of the Wasatch County Republican Party, James Green, submitted a letter to the editor about the injustice of a suggested Equal Pay bill in Utah to his hometown newspaper. In the letter, titled “Equal Pay for Women Has Consequences,” James Green detailed his concerns about passing the bill in his state… And no surprise, it’s super misogynistic and extremely flawed.

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It’s Time to Talk About Parental Leave

With all the things going on the our country right now it’s easy to forget that there were things we were fighting for before Trump took office. You know, accountability within the police force, taking big money out of politics, equal pay for women. You know, silly things like that.

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'Women in His Grill': Is Tea Party Congressman Brat the Biggest Chicken in the House?

Congressman Dave Brat has faced a lot of criticism in the past weeks in Virginia’s 7th District. He faced even more when he came into the national spotlight about a week ago—and for good reason. After refusing to host Town Hall meetings for his constituents in Virginia’s 7th District until 100 days into the Trump presidency, the second-term Congressman (who affiliates with the Tea Party) was recorded saying some not-so-flattering things about “the women” at what can only be described as a stand-up comedy routine with a bit of policy talk thrown in for good measure.

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Why Many Girls Are Less Likely to Have Confidence in Their Intelligence by the Age of 6

Girls are socialized early with negative gender attributions. Ideas of gender specific toys, games and household chores begin in the home. Media shapes how girls view beauty and body image. Girls also start to think less of their intellectual abilities at an early age too, according to a new Science study. That shift happens for girls at the young age of six years old.

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Roxane Gay Pulls Forthcoming Book From Publisher in Response to Bigot Milo Yiannopoulos' Book Deal

Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay is playing no games with white supremacists like Milo Yiannopoulos. Gay made the decision to pull her forthcoming book How to Be Heard from Ted Book, a Simon & Schuster imprint, following the news that the publisher signed Yiannopoulos to a $250,000 book deal.

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13 States Have Laws That Will Instantly Criminalize Abortion If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned in Trump's America

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have made it very clear they intend to nominate Supreme Court justices devoted to taking away women’s right to abortion should openings on the bench arise. With many states already banning the procedure as much as possible, abortion would instantly be criminalized in 13 states should Roe v. Wade be overturned, according to a new study released by NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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Women's Marches Across the Country to Participate in If You Can't Make It to D.C.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of protesters will take to the streets of Washington D.C. for the Women’s March on Washington. It’s set to be a monumental event  — potentially one of the largest protests in the U.S. in decades. If you want to be a part of it, but aren’t able to make it to D.C. for the actual march, there are plenty of women’s marches across the country you can participate in.

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People Want Obama to Step Down a Day Early So Joe Biden Can Be President for 24 Hours

Donald Trump will be president very, very soon, and the people completely terrified of what he’ll do to the country and every marginalized group of people are making last ditch efforts for the country to get out of it. Or at least to fuck with Trump as much as possible, which provides some comic relief. Which is why a genius suggested President Obama step down a day early to make Joe Biden the 45th president of the United States for 24 hours.

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North Dakota Votes Down Marriage Equality Even Though It's Already Legal

Despite becoming legal nationwide in 2015, North Dakota is still formally opposing same-sex marriage. After the Supreme Court’s decision, the state (like many others) needed to update its local laws to reflect the new freedom by removing mention of marriage between “one man and one woman” and “husband and wife.” However, Republicans in the state Senate defeated the new bill after if passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee. Seriously, North Dakota? This is just a formality at this point — you guys are just being incredibly bigoted and stubborn.

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The Number of Women Getting IUDs at Planned Parenthood Has Soared Since the Election

Since Donald Trump was elected two months ago (dear god, it feels like it’s been two years), many women have become increasingly worried about their reproductive rights and access to adequate health care. Trump and his partner in crime, VP-elect Mike Pence (who’s dedicated much of his career to fighting reproductive rights), have made it very clear they intend to nominate Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade and will stop at nothing to defund Planned Parenthood. Because of this, demand for IUDs has skyrocketed since the election.

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