Karen Fratti

New Study Says Female Doctors Save More Lives Than Male Doctors

There’s more reason than just plain old feminist empowerment to tell young women they can be doctors. According to a new study, female doctors save more lives than male doctors. Yup, researchers at Harvard University (so you know it’s legit) studied Medicare data tracking nearly 1.6 million hospitalizations and found that patients of female doctors had “significantly lower mortality rates,” readmission rates, and fewer emergency room visits than their male counterparts. The results are based in even more science, since studies have already concluded that female doctors have different “practice patterns” than men and are more likely to stick to clinical guidelines and have an “evidence-based practice.”

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Amazon Shoppers Are Zinging Ivanka Trump in the Best Possible Way

When you give a human being a computer, they start to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Like buy things they can’t afford, talk to their relatives on Facebook, or sometimes, just troll other human beings. Sometimes trolling is scary, like the countless angry white men on Twitter. And sometimes it’s sort of amusing, like the people trolling Ivanka Trump boots on Amazon in the Q&A sections. One pair of Issa boots — a high heel boot with a zipper closure that retails anywhere from $65 to $100 — has attracted non-Trump supporters who need to let off some steam.

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Here Are the 9 Best Moments From Michelle Obama's Final Interview With Oprah

If you’re feeling despondent about the future of America, I urge you to watch the full, final (for now) Michelle Obama interview with Oprah. The only problem is that the video will lift your spirits, but then after 60 quick minutes, you’ll probably realize that you might not hear two women speak so authentically and gracefully about things that really matter in the White House ever again. (I say never because I assume in 2020 we’ll be voting for some Rex Tillerson-lizard hybrid, or we’ll all be dead.) Leave it to Oprah to know we all needed just one more hour with Michelle Obama before all hell breaks loose.

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Realtors Are Promoting the Secret Service at Trump Tower as a 'New Amenity' for Buyers

After the election, Donald Trump turned his home in Manhattan into his transition team HQ. That means getting around the area near Trump Tower has become a total nightmare. As has getting into the actual building itself, which is important to the very wealthy people who live there. The building managers worried that all the mishegas would force residents out or stop new people from buying, so Trump Tower decided to call Secret Service an “amenity," like having a pool, or a gym, or laundry in the building (I’m sure most Trump Tower residents have in-unit washers and dryers, but you know what I mean).

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Amal Clooney Is Worried about Trump and Could Be the Legal Force to Take Him On

Donald Trump is so scary and weird that he even has Amal Clooney (arguably the most poised and calm looking woman I have ever seen) nervous. On Tuesday, while speaking at the Texas Conference for Women, Amal Clooney said she’s worried about Trump’s America and civil rights. And not just American rights, but international human rights. And she’s totally right — his proposals are a threat to everything democratic societies have been working toward for centuries.

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Kellyanne Conway Is Truly Terrifying and She Always Has Been

After Donald Trump won the nomination this summer and was making a final push for the White House, he hired Breitbart News’ Steve Bannon as a consultant and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager. They’re both scary, but Kellyanne Conway is honestly terrifying on her own. She was the mastermind behind Trump’s election, after all. She will likely have Trump’s ear in the White House, though she probably won’t get a cabinet position (but really, who the hell knows what will happen anymore). She is already part of the transition team, counseling Trump on his appointees.

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Female Tollbooth Workers Deal with So Much Sexual Harassment While Trapped on the Highway

Women put up with a lot of shit. But a new report in The New York Times shows that female tollbooth workers put up with sexual harassment every day on such a consistent basis they barely bother to report it. It’s one of the most extreme examples of how powerless women can feel when it comes to putting up with all the intrusive, disgusting things men do. I mean, highways are not nice places, if only because everyone is on the road — including creeps. And these women don’t have much support from their union either.

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Teenage Girls Keep Disappearing in the Bronx as They're Written off as Runaways

New York City councilman Andy King is worried about teenage girls in the Bronx, and every human should be happy someone is noticing what’s going on in his borough. Since July 2014, almost 14 Bronx girls have gone missing, and it’s starting to look like the disappearances are related. Maybe 14 girls over two years doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s a fucking lot of teenagers who just aren’t home doing their homework and worrying about summer jobs. The girls range from 12-19 years old and are all black or Hispanic. Six of them went missing this month, two of them reportedly disappearing just this week. King said in a statement this week, “Every other week our young girls are just vanishing off our streets. Something is going on. They are attractive girls. How do you get the numbers vanishing?”

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Barnes & Noble Will Start Selling Beer and Wine, so You Can Booze and Peruse

Bookstores just aren’t what they used to be. But now you can get a beer while you peruse the Asian fashion magazines, because Barnes & Noble is going to sell beer in an attempt to get actual human bodies in their stores. Ever since Amazon and electronic reading devices came on the scene, Barnes & Noble stores have basically become an advertisement for their Nook with bad Starbucks outposts. Seriously, there are more toys and novelty items than there are books in Barnes & Noble, and that seems to be OK with them—as long as they don’t go the way of Borders, they’re into reinventing themselves.

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