Lane Moore

Science Just Found Out That Manly Bro Dudes Are More Likely to Be Depressed

For every "masculinity so fragile" comment you’ve ever left on someone’s Facebook wall, there have been a ton of people (usually guys) who will jump in and say that there’s no problem with our current adherence to stereotypical masculinity. And now you can tell those people that science has proven that guys obsessed with traditional masculinity are more likely to have mental health issues. Go figure, right?

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Dolly Parton Straight-Up Tells off Her Homophobic Fans and It's the Best

Queen of everything on the entire planet, Dolly Parton, has flown in on her jet made of rainbows to save us from more horrible election news, and for that we thank her eternally. How is she saving us this time? Why, by straight-up telling off her homophobic fans in the best possible way.

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Debate Sensation Kenneth Bone Is Not Who You Think He Is

Oh, Kenneth Bone. Our nation’s love for you felt so real. But now we’re all quickly realizing our fave is problematic because Kenneth Bone said some fucked up shit in Reddit. And we can’t unsee what we hath seen, Kenneth. We simply cannot.

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7 Butch Women Talk About Being Discriminated Against in Women's Bathrooms

In 2016, out of all of the problems we have right now (hello, black people getting killed by the police simply for being black, and the political debate looking more like an accomplished political leader arguing with a playground bully), for some reason, where people go to the bathroom is still a huge issue. We’re truly choosing weird hills to die on, guys.

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