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Mike Pence's Neighbors Show Their Disgust with Hostile Lawn Signs

Gearing up to become VP, Mike Pence rented a house in Chevy Chase, Maryland, just north of Washington, D.C. Little did he know, he would be moving into enemy territory, as less than 10 percent of the precinct voted for him and the one we don’t speak of to run the country, according to the DCist. To make it extremely clear how unwanted he is, Pence’s new neighbors put up “this neighborhood trusts women” signs everywhere. Welcome to the hood, Mikey!

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Stanford Bans Hard Alcohol at Parties, Avoiding the Real Causes of Sexual Assault

As a new school year begins, it’s the perfect time for colleges to adopt better sexual assault policies and preventative programs. Stanford University especially needed to take action considering a former student, Brock Turner, was convicted earlier this year for sexually assaulting a woman after a party. However, instead of actually addressing the root causes of sexual assault, Stanford simply banned hard liquor for undergraduates.

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The Number of Women in U.S. Jails Has Risen Faster Than Men but Gone Unnoticed

At this point, most people are aware that America has an absurd number of people behind bars compared to other developed countries, but now, the number of women in U.S. jails is increasing at a faster rate than men. There are still far more men locked up, but the typically low number of female inmates held for misdemeanor crimes was 14 times higher in 2014 than it was in 1970. Because the mass incarceration problem is believed to predominantly affect men, the ways women have been sucked in have largely gone unnoticed.

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It’s Officially Unacceptable To Call Women “Honey” Or “Darling” In The Courtroom

No one should be called “honey” by anyone other than a great aunt or grandma. Ever. Especially in a courtroom, where everyone is supposed to be treated like equal human beings. The American Bar Association (ABA) finally banned sexist language in court and deemed it professional misconduct to discriminate against or harass anyone during a case in its new ethics guidelines.

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A Former CIA Officer Enters the Presidential Race as a Republican Alternative to Trump

On Monday, a new GOP presidential contender threw their hat in the ring. Anti-Trump Republican Evan McMullin announced he’s running for president to offer voters a choice other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in November. McMullin resigned from his position as the chief policy director for the House Republican Conference in order to run and previously worked as a CIA counterterrorism officer.

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Korryn Gaines' Facebook Was Deactivated Because She Was Filming the Police

Korryn Gaines was fatally shot by the police in a Maryland apartment Monday after an hours-long standoff with the police. As the authorities and public continue to look into her death, it came to light that the Baltimore County police asked Facebook to deactivate Gaines’ account during the standoff because she was live streaming the encounter. Facebook complied.

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The Freddie Gray Case Concludes With No Convictions After the Remaining Charges Are Dropped

Six Baltimore police officers faced criminal charges of varying degrees for the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray last year, and the remaining charges were dropped by prosecutors Wednesday. This means not a single person was convicted for Gray’s death after he was loaded into a police van, shackled but not secured with a seatbelt, and died a week later from a severe spinal injury. The prosecutors dropped charges against Officer William Porter, who was awaiting a retrial after his first ended in a hung jury in December, and Officer Garrett Miller and Sergeant Alicia White, who never went to trial.

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Days Before NYC Pride, Stonewall Inn Becomes the First National LGBTQ Monument

The White House announced Friday that the historic Stonewall Inn will be a national monument, along with the surrounding New York City area where the 1969 riots took place. This is a pretty big deal, considering it’s the first national dedication to LGBTQ rights. “Stonewall will be our first national monument to tell the story of the struggle for LGBT rights. I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country—the richness and diversity and uniquely American spirit that has always defined us,” President Obama said in a video announcement. “That we are stronger together. That out of many, we are one.”

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5 Things You Need to Know About Female Circumcision and Genital Mutilation

More than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone procedures to alter their genitalia for non-medical reasons, known as female circumcision or female genital mutilation (FGM). Unlike male circumcision that’s typically done on baby boys, girls are cut up into their teenage years and the practice is steeped in sexist traditions. This practice is much more common than you think, and there are some things you should know about female circumcision and genital mutilation.

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