Hannah Briggs

LOL: Republican Official Thinks Equal Pay for Women Is Unfair to Men

Last week, apparently forgetting that the Internet exists, the (now former) Vice-Chair of the Wasatch County Republican Party, James Green, submitted a letter to the editor about the injustice of a suggested Equal Pay bill in Utah to his hometown newspaper. In the letter, titled “Equal Pay for Women Has Consequences,” James Green detailed his concerns about passing the bill in his state… And no surprise, it’s super misogynistic and extremely flawed.

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It’s Time to Talk About Parental Leave

With all the things going on the our country right now it’s easy to forget that there were things we were fighting for before Trump took office. You know, accountability within the police force, taking big money out of politics, equal pay for women. You know, silly things like that.

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'Women in His Grill': Is Tea Party Congressman Brat the Biggest Chicken in the House?

Congressman Dave Brat has faced a lot of criticism in the past weeks in Virginia’s 7th District. He faced even more when he came into the national spotlight about a week ago—and for good reason. After refusing to host Town Hall meetings for his constituents in Virginia’s 7th District until 100 days into the Trump presidency, the second-term Congressman (who affiliates with the Tea Party) was recorded saying some not-so-flattering things about “the women” at what can only be described as a stand-up comedy routine with a bit of policy talk thrown in for good measure.

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