Tai Gooden

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Won't Concede Lost Election, Sticking With Voter Fraud Myth

The presidential election has been over for a couple of weeks, but there is still a bundle of confusion in North Carolina. The state is STILL trying to tally up the votes to see who won the race for governor. The current governor is behind by a small margin of votes, yet Pat McCrory won’t concede the election because he thinks there has been voter fraud. Riiiggghht.

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The 12 Greatest Hits of Colin Powell's Hacked Emails: Compares Trump to Jerry Springer Among Other Doozies

Sometimes you gotta tell your truth. Colin Powell may have masked his personal feelings about his fellow politicians in public, but Powell’s leaked emails show what he really thinks about the presidential candidates. This week, the former Secretary of State’s emails skipped straight past his signature diplomatic behavior and showed us that he is completely fed up with all sorts of bullshit. He does not like Hillary Clinton. He REALLY hates Donald Trump. And he’s tired of pretty much everything going on in the political world.

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A Kentucky High School Banned Black Hairstyles, Which Obviously Didn't Go Over Well

Over the years, school dress codes have been heavily scrutinized for unfairly targeting a specific subset of the student body. These rules are enough to make us wonder if it’s 2016 or 1602. But, one school’s policy against natural hairstyles is so blatantly racist that parents and the internet wasted no time berating it for the awful rules.

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