Noor Al-Sibai

Trump spokesman get pummeled for dodging question on Russian interference after 2020 campaign refuses to sign pledge against using hacked materials

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley was apparently confused by a question a reporter asked about Russia on Tuesday — and earned himself the scorn of Twitter.

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Could Mike Pence be implicated for obstruction of justice in the Mueller report? A look back at the vice president’s role in various White House scandals

As America waits for the redacted release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, a look back at Vice President Mike Pence’s role in various presidential scandals shows that he may be implicated, too.

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'Sh*tty comedian' Ted Cruz slammed for 'weird tweet' about rebuilding Notre Dame: 'Your face would make a good gargoyle'

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday made a bizarre quip about Disney pledging money to rebuild Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral after it burned on Monday — and angered a lot of Twitter users in the process.

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Did Bill Barr just get caught lying to Congress? Here's what we know

During his Senate hearing on Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr claimed that Donald Trump had not been warned about potential Russian influence operations targeting his 2016 campaign — but as some spectators pointed out, that claim appears not to be true.

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Here's the evidence of Russian involvement in Trump's campaign cover up — based on public records

It should come as no surprise, national security expert Marcy Wheeler wrote in a new op-ed, that special counsel Robert Mueller's team thinks the attorney general downplayed accusations against the president — because public records prove it.

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These Trump photos prove just how out of touch he is with the average American: analysis

Many of President Donald Trump’s formal and casual photos prove exactly how out of touch he is with an increasingly-diverse American electorate, Washington Post writer David Nakamura noted in a Thursday analytical report.

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‘Trump is rampaging around like a madman’ — but Dems have a secret weapon: Washington Post columnist

President Donald Trump has been on his worst behavior, one Washington Post columnist noted — and the ball is now in the Democrats’ court.

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Judge orders FBI to hand over James Comey’s memos about Trump

The FBI has been ordered to hand over James Comey’s memos about President Donald Trump to a judge for review as he weighs whether or not to release the records to the public.

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White House scrambles to clarify Trump’s tweet after he declares he’s withdrawing sanctions on North Korea

The White House is scrambling to clarify a tweet by President Donald Trump after said in a post that he’s withdrawing sanctions from North Korea — that had just been announced by his administration the day prior.

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