Nina Burleigh

Trump's No Genius - In Fact, He Ranks Lowest Among Last 15 Presidents

President Donald Trump—who boasted over the weekend that his success in life was a result of “being, like really smart”—communicates at the lowest grade level of the last 15 presidents, according to a new analysis of the speech patterns of presidents going back to Herbert Hoover. The analysis assessed the first 30,000 words each president spoke…

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Donald Trump's Mother Is the Key to Understanding His Towering Insecurity

Trump’s Mom is Key to the President’s Deep Insecurity

Parishioners at the Stornoway High Church on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland still remember the dignified blonde who came back from America every summer. She walked with a formal, erect posture, provoking whispers about how she’d picked up her “airs and graces” in New York, where she’d married a rich man. But mostly they remember…

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Ivanka Trump Used Private Emails With Newt Gingrich and Treasury Department

As Republicans unveiled their tax reform plan Thursday, Newsweek learned that months after Ivanka Trump took an official White House position, she was still using a private email account to communicate with the U.S. Treasury Department, discussing national economic programs, her meetings with global leaders and the child care tax credit, one of her signature projects.…

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Ivanka Trump Has an Army of White House Employees at Her Beck and Call

Ever wonder how many government employees, employee hours and bits of correspondence it takes to get an hour and a half of Ivanka Trump’s time at a public event? A new cache of hundreds of emails obtained from the Department of Education (DOE) through the Freedom of Information Act shows that for one brief event at…

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Trump University Gives Millions of Dollars in Refunds

It was 2009 and the American landscape was bleak: The housing market had crashed, millions of people were in foreclosure and stocks had keeled over a cliff. Beth Wood saw her life savings, around $325,000 in home equity, evaporate in a matter of months as the value of her suburban San Francisco house plummeted. Her husband,…

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4 Media Disasters of the Week, from Plagiarism at BuzzFeed to Outrageous PR for Israel's Deadly Gaza Assault

Maybe it's the heat of the summer getting to the media industry, but the proliferation of disasters and outrages in the mainstream and right-wing media world seem to be piling up at a breakneck pace. This week, it was plagiarism at the journalistically challenged Buzzfeed and an endless string of PR stories for Israel as it pushes through a deadly assault. 

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5 Signs of Madness in the Media This Week: Tom Friedman Compares Gaza Disaster to Broadway Edition

The mainstream and right-wing media continues to be a bubbling pot of overblown hysteria and wild propaganda against the public interest. Here are some of the more disturbing episodes from this week, from the war on Clintons to the New York Times unbending PR-blitz for Israel. 

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5 Pathetic Failures of the American Media This Week

It was another week of mainstream media disasters and right-wing outrages, from sexism to good ol' fashioned Bush-era WMD lies. Here's a recap:  

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Big Media Hits & Misses of the Week - From Hot Dog-Eating Contests to How the GOP Is Still Ruining the Country

This week brought out the best and wurst in our media, from a columnist at the Washington Post laying bare how badly the Republicans are destroying the country to the press's love affair with hot dog-eating contests and international high-tech drone warfare.

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