The Hypocrisy of White Evangelical Men Is on Display As Record Number Approve of Trump

White Evangelical Men Can't Get Enough Of Trump

A record number of white evangelical Christians say they support President Donald Trump. According to a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute released on Thursday, 75 percent on white evangelicals said they had a favourable view of the president and just 22 percent saying they had an unfavourable view. And white evangelical men are the…

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Robert De Niro Says 'Lowlife-in-Chief' Trump Is a Total 'Mad Man'

Robert De Niro Slams ‘Mad Man’ Trump

Robert De Niro continued to slam President Donald Trump. This time, it was during a press luncheon to celebrate the start of 2018’s Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday. The actor, who helped start the festival 16 years ago, praised journalists the crowd of journalists at the event and took shots at the commander-in-chief. “America is being…

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Heatwave Kills One-Third of the Great Barrier Reef

Enormous and unique, the iconic Great Barrier Reef is an ecosystem hosting to nearly 3,900 coral reefs. The vibrant creatures that make up the colonies sprout near the coast of Australia across a stretch of about 133,000 square miles—the largest such system in the world.

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Those Six-Digit iPhone Passwords Are Becoming Obsolete for Protecting Your Privacy

Six-Digit iPhone Pass Codes Are No Longer That Safe

iPhones protected by a six-digit pass code may no longer be safe thanks to a cheap tool being marketed to police that can unlock a smartphone in just days. Grayshift has developed an iPhone decryption device called GrayKey that can break through some devices in just two hours. Presumably, the device is able to skip Apple’s…

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Justice Is Served in the ‘Black Lightning’ Finale

The villain of Black Lightning wants to “Make America Great Again” by using Freeland’s children as biological weapons. “They will end up on food stamps or welfare anyway,” the head of the government organization A.S.A. argues.

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White Evangelical Support of Trump Grows in the Wake of Stormy Daniels Scandal

A new poll suggests that President Donald Trump’s base of white evangelical support was not hurt at all by his lawyer’s hush money to Stormy Daniels, nor by revelations that the married President had a year-long affair with an adult film actress after First Lady Melania gave birth to their son Barron.

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This Popular Recreational Drug Can Rapidly Treat Depression and Reduce Suicidal Thoughts: New Study

Ketamine is best known for being a popular recreational drug and a powerful medical anesthetic, but an increasing body of research is showing that the compound may also be effective in treating psychiatric disorders, such as depression.

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Comey: Impeachment Would Let Americans Off the Hook

Updated | President Donald Trump should not be impeached because it would “short-circuit” the Democratic system, former FBI Director James Comey said Sunday night in his first television interview since Trump fired him last May.

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Calls Grow to Boycott Starbucks After Bogus Arrest of Philadelphia Black Men

Calls are growing for a boycott of the Starbucks coffee shop chain after police were filmed arresting two black men waiting for a friend in a branch in Philadelphia. Under the #BoycottStarbucks hastag on Twitter, people accused the chain’s employees of racially profiling the men, and criticised police for arresting them when they refused to leave.

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Peruvians Slam Ivanka Trump As 'Fake' Secretary of State

First daughter Ivanka Trump is being accused of acting like the U.S. secretary of state in Peru, where she is attending a conference that her father President Donald Trump canceled his appearance for.

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