The Hypocrisy of White Evangelical Men Is on Display As Record Number Approve of Trump

White Evangelical Men Can't Get Enough Of Trump

A record number of white evangelical Christians say they support President Donald Trump. According to a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute released on Thursday, 75 percent on white evangelicals said they had a favourable view of the president and just 22 percent saying they had an unfavourable view. And white evangelical men are the…

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Robert De Niro Says 'Lowlife-in-Chief' Trump Is a Total 'Mad Man'

Robert De Niro Slams ‘Mad Man’ Trump

Robert De Niro continued to slam President Donald Trump. This time, it was during a press luncheon to celebrate the start of 2018’s Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday. The actor, who helped start the festival 16 years ago, praised journalists the crowd of journalists at the event and took shots at the commander-in-chief. “America is being…

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Heatwave Kills One-Third of the Great Barrier Reef

Enormous and unique, the iconic Great Barrier Reef is an ecosystem hosting to nearly 3,900 coral reefs. The vibrant creatures that make up the colonies sprout near the coast of Australia across a stretch of about 133,000 square miles—the largest such system in the world.

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Those Six-Digit iPhone Passwords Are Becoming Obsolete for Protecting Your Privacy

Six-Digit iPhone Pass Codes Are No Longer That Safe

iPhones protected by a six-digit pass code may no longer be safe thanks to a cheap tool being marketed to police that can unlock a smartphone in just days. Grayshift has developed an iPhone decryption device called GrayKey that can break through some devices in just two hours. Presumably, the device is able to skip Apple’s…

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Justice Is Served in the ‘Black Lightning’ Finale

The villain of Black Lightning wants to “Make America Great Again” by using Freeland’s children as biological weapons. “They will end up on food stamps or welfare anyway,” the head of the government organization A.S.A. argues.

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White Evangelical Support of Trump Grows in the Wake of Stormy Daniels Scandal

A new poll suggests that President Donald Trump’s base of white evangelical support was not hurt at all by his lawyer’s hush money to Stormy Daniels, nor by revelations that the married President had a year-long affair with an adult film actress after First Lady Melania gave birth to their son Barron.

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This Popular Recreational Drug Can Rapidly Treat Depression and Reduce Suicidal Thoughts: New Study

Ketamine is best known for being a popular recreational drug and a powerful medical anesthetic, but an increasing body of research is showing that the compound may also be effective in treating psychiatric disorders, such as depression.

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Comey: Impeachment Would Let Americans Off the Hook

Updated | President Donald Trump should not be impeached because it would “short-circuit” the Democratic system, former FBI Director James Comey said Sunday night in his first television interview since Trump fired him last May.

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Calls Grow to Boycott Starbucks After Bogus Arrest of Philadelphia Black Men

Calls are growing for a boycott of the Starbucks coffee shop chain after police were filmed arresting two black men waiting for a friend in a branch in Philadelphia. Under the #BoycottStarbucks hastag on Twitter, people accused the chain’s employees of racially profiling the men, and criticised police for arresting them when they refused to leave.

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Peruvians Slam Ivanka Trump As 'Fake' Secretary of State

First daughter Ivanka Trump is being accused of acting like the U.S. secretary of state in Peru, where she is attending a conference that her father President Donald Trump canceled his appearance for.

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How Did Two Women Become the GOP's Prime 2018 Targets?

As Republicans face the possibility of losing control of the House come November, they've resorted to a well-trodden strategy: lambasting the two most prominent female members of the opposition. A new study from the Wesleyan Media Project found that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has so far featured in some 7,000 GOP ad spots casting her in a negative light.

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Trump Accused of 'Peddling Lies' Over Voter Fraud Claim

Politicians and rights groups have accused President Donald Trump of "peddling lies" after the U.S. leader revived his unfounded claim of "millions" of people committing voter fraud. The president renewed the claim during a tax-reform roundtable in West Virginia on Thursday, alleging that in places like California "the same person votes many times." "You probably heard…{C}

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7 Utterly Deranged Parkland Conspiracy Theories Currently Making the Rounds

The Many Parkland Conspiracy Theories, Debunked

In the seven weeks since the Parkland, Florida school shooting, a group of passionate teenage survivors have emerged as the public faces of a national movement to increase gun control. ... considerable resources to tank the teens' reputations. Below, Newsweek has rounded up the most pervasive conspiracy theories floating around about students Hogg and Gonzalez, debunking them in the process. When ...

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The Trump Administration Wants to Cut Off Internet Access for Poor Americans

A new rule championed by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai would would limit internet and phone access for millions of low-income and elderly Americans. Pai's proposed changes to the Lifeline Program, which currently serves 12 million Americans by providing subsidized phone and internet service, would cut service to about 70 percent, or 8 million, of…

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Deleting Facebook Can Do Wonders for Your Mental Health: Study

Deleting Facebook Could Lower Stress Hormone Levels

Facebook users looking for an excuse to delete their account—beyond the recent and sizable data breach the company was involved in—may just have gotten one. A study out of the University of Queensland in Australia, published in The Journal of Social Psychology, found that taking a break from Facebook, even if it’s for less than a…

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Ted Nugent Won't Stop Ridiculing Parkland's Teenage Survivors

Longtime NRA board member and musician Ted Nugent isn't backing down from criticizing some of the Parkland school shooting survivors, despite the backlash he's received. Nugent, 69, went after 17-year-old David Hogg during an appearance on the Curtis and Cosby show for New York's WABC Radio on Monday. The gun rights activist railed against Hogg—a student…

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Breast Cancer Information Quietly Scrubbed from Department of Health Website

Breast Cancer Info Removed From Dept of Health Website

A webpage that provided breast cancer information on the Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) website has been removed after an audit found that the information was "very rarely used" and duplicated that of sister agencies. "Content about mammogram breast cancer screening remains, informational pages and factsheets about the disease, including symptoms, treatment, risk factors,…{C}

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Colorado GOP Group Admits 'Republicans Hate Poor People'

Colorado GOP Group: 'Republicans Hate Poor People'

A Colorado-based GOP group issued a public apology yesterday for a social media post that claimed “Republicans hate poor people.” The Alamosa County Republicans took to Facebook to apologize for the comments on Friday, which urged Americans to be Republicans “out of self-respect.” "Democrats love poor people because they think that poor people will vote Democrat.…{C}

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Weed May Help Addicts with Alcohol and Cocaine Relapse

Addiction is an ongoing fight, and the slightest stress or anxiety-inducing event can make drugs and alcohol harder to resist. ... of the chemical compounds found in marijuana. Related: Opioid Crisis: Is Arkansas Paving The Way for Big Pharma, Not Taxpayers, to Pay for Addiction? A study conducted by Scripps Research Institute in California ...

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Howard Stern Has a Word of Advice for His Old Friend, Donald Trump

Howard Stern has some advice for his good pal President Donald Trump: “Get the fuck out of there!” And by there, Stern meant the White House. The radio host made the remarks on Tuesday's episode of his SiriusXM radio show. He was chatting with co-host Robin Quivers about Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy…

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The Next Recession Could Strike at the Worst Possible Time for Republicans

When President Donald Trump runs for re-election in 2020, as he has expressed plans to do, the United States could be embarking on a new economic recession, multiple economists have warned. As Trump has repeatedly pointed out, by certain measures, the economy, despite occasional downturns such as during recent concerns about a trade war with China,…

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Betsy DeVos Is a Danger to Transgender Children


Donald Trump Is Really Boasting About Being Able to Beat Up Joe Biden

President Donald Trump says he would beat Obama Vice President Joe Biden in a fight if the two septuagenarians ever came to blows and Biden would go down crying. “Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy,” the president tweeted early Thursday. “Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he…

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You Won't Believe Who Trump Is Sending to the UN Women's Meeting

The Trump administration has reportedly sent a delegate who once called trans children “gender confused” and described the U.S. as a “pro-life nation” to a United Nations meeting being held to promote gender equality. The U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the world’s largest meeting on women’s rights and gender equality, is being held…

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Ben Carson Says Homeless Trans People Make Others Uncomfortable

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson has defended the removal of training materials for housing providers to prevent LGBT discrimination, arguing that the presence of transgender people in homeless shelters makes others feel uncomfortable. Responding to a question by Illinois Democratic Representative Mike Quigley during a House subcommittee hearing, Carson said: "There are some…{C}

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The GOP Just Nominated a Holocaust Denier for Congress in Illinois

Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier and “long-time neo-Nazi” whose website promotes anti-Semitic material, is the Republican Party’s official candidate in a congressional district spanning areas of Chicago after he ran unopposed in a primary. The 70-year-old Vietnam War veteran, who is standing in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional district for a seat in the House of Representatives, is…

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Is the Mainstream Media Ignoring a White Nationalist Terror Spree?

Federal prosecutors recently announced charges against three men from rural central Illinois with bombing a Minnesota mosque and attempting to bomb a women's health clinic, but many Americans didn’t hear about it due to a paucity of media attention, critics suggest. The arrests, which were handed out on Tuesday and related to events that took place…

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The Alt-Right Is Struggling Mightily to Recruit Women, and with Good Reason

Arrest Helps Underscore the Abuse of Alt-Right Women

In the world of white nationalism, Matthew Heimbach is an important player. ... the time that he and his group protested a women’s march in Knoxville, Tennessee in January, he told Newsweek that the policies of his group were built to “empower women to their God-given honorable place ...

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16 of Stephen Hawking's Most Mind-Expanding Quotes

Physicist Stephen Hawking died on Tuesday at 76 years old, his family confirmed. The black-hole theorist was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, when he was 21 years old. He was one of the world’s longest survivors of ALS. To remember Hawking, some of his most inspirational quotes have been shared…

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