Ashlie D. Stevens

Watch George Conway realize Trump is a malignant narcissist

During the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, former first lady Michelle Obama characterized Donald Trump's administration as being marred by "chaos, division, and a total and utter lack of empathy," which, she said, are just some of the major reasons he is unfit to serve.

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How the religious right's purity culture enables predatory behavior

The last year has found former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. tumbling into one scandal after another, before finally officially plummeting from grace this week.  It began last year when, as Politico reported, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen helped "clean up racy 'personal' photographs" of Falwell's wife, Becki, including one of her in a French maid costume, which he had allegedly sent to a number of employees at his evangelical university.

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Salacious details and cover-ups make for good television -- but it goes against everything evangelicals preach

There's always a kind of collective schadenfreude to be experienced when someone's seemingly holy (or "holier than thou") persona is dismantled, revealing a pattern of inconceivable hypocrisy. Yes, we all fall short of the glory of God, but there's something especially insidious about profanity being concealed by a sacred smokescreen — or in the case of megachurch pastors and evangelical college administrators, hidden behind the vapor of the smoke machines that augment bouncy, electric guitar-scored worship services.

The visceral reaction such revelations inspire made for a compelling dramatic backbone for "The Righteous Gemstones," a Danny McBride-led HBO satire series that debuted in August 2019. It's also what makes  Liberty University President Jerry Fallwell Jr.'s current tumble from grace feel more worthy of notice  —and, honestly, more salacious — than your typical ousting of a university leader.

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Here's how I'm keeping occupied (and positive!) during self-isolation in an already disastrous 2020

As 80's babies, we dreamt of 2020 being "Jetsons"-like –– with flying cars, cheap robot butlers and maids, and fully established societies on multiple planets. None of those things really happened, but still, the year 2020 felt like it would gift us this unimaginable jolt of positive energy.

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Here are five delicious meals you can make with what's in your pantry

Whether you're trapped inside due to inclement weather, taking an extended sick day at home, rent week is upon you, or it's just finally time to clear out your kitchen of unused items, here are five flavorful dishes that make the most of pantry and freezer essentials.

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Jared Kushner's tenants are 'Davids going up against Goliath' in Netflix's 'Dirty Money'

In the "Slumlord Millionaire" episode of Netflix's second season of "Dirty Money" — a series of "untold stories of scandal, financial malfeasance, and corruption" from executive producer Alex Gibney — Jared Kushner's shady business dealings are brought to light.

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The rise of veganism in the mainstream — from Impossible Burger to the Oscars

In early January, the Academy of Motion Pictures announced that plant-based food would be on the menu at this year's Academy Awards Ceremony on Feb. 9th. This announcement came after the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards dinners both switched to vegan menus (prompted, at least in part, by vegan "Joker" star Joaquin Phoenix's suggestion they do so), but before Google searches for "vegan Super Bowl snacks" increased by nearly 133% compared to last year.

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Trekkers are raising money to help fellow fans stream 'Star Trek: Picard'

Two summers ago, as I sat in a stuffy hotel conference room in Indianapolis, I began to consider the generosity of Star Trek enthusiasts. I was attending the Qep'a', the Klingon Language Institute's annual conference, falling desperately behind in the session meant to introduce newcomers to the language of the bumpy-headed warriors of the Star Trek universe.

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'It's such a paradox': Author explains why Trump supporters fall for the president's 'unvarnished, unscripted' persona — even as he feeds them lies

"Any imbecile might decide on a certain Monday to become a captain, and by Tuesday, with no qualifications whatsoever, that imbecile could take charge of a 300,000-ton vessel and the thousands of lives contained within." This statement, one that is so reflective of this time in American history, is made in the opening pages of "The Captain and the Glory," a new book by author Dave Eggers.

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Only one actor of color was nominated for an Oscar in 2020

With just one person of color nominated across four acting categories, the Academy came incredibly close to bringing back the buzzy #OscarsSoWhite when then 2020 Oscar nominations were announced Monday morning.

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