'Ask God for the money': Sarah 'Huckster' Sanders blasted for hypocrisy over disaster relief

'Ask God for the money': Sarah 'Huckster' Sanders blasted for hypocrisy over disaster relief
Image via Gage Skidmore.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) is facing significant blowback following her Tuesday announcement that she is asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cover all of the cleanup costs from last Friday's series of tornados that killed nearly three dozen people and caused extensive damage throughout the Bear State.

"I've been across our state since Friday, surveying damage, meeting with survivors, and discussing recovery efforts with local leaders, emergency personnel, and volunteers. It's clear that the cost to clean up the damage those storms created will be substantial," Sanders said in a statement as reported by local ABC News affiliate KATV. "The federal government is currently covering 75 percent of all costs incurred during our recovery process, but that arrangement must go further to help Arkansans in need. Today, I'm asking the federal government to cover 100 percent of all our recovery expenses during the first 30 days after the storm."

The problem is that Sanders has repeatedly railed against federal involvement in state and local issues. During her campaign, for example, Sanders proclaimed that Arkansas residents have the "right to be free of socialism and tyranny." Then, in January, she tweeted that "as long as I am your governor, the meddling hand of big government creeping down from Washington DC will be stopped cold at the Mississippi River."

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Numerous allegations of hypocrisy thusly flooded social media.

Sammie_????: "Hey @SarahHuckabee you are very selective with your socialism aren't you?"

Judge Dibs: "But if a hurricane hits New Jersey or Connecticut, Sarah will denounce 'Federal pork'."

Catherine L.: "So the Huckster Sarah wants more socialist money."

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Kay Brooks: "GOP have always been hypocrites in the area."

Linda Lees PHD: "Can't she get the children to work on rescue teams for free?"

Bonnie Merchant: "Ask god for the money, Sarah, he sent the tornado."

G: "Are we positive that their God didn't purposely send the tornados as punishment..? Like how he burns California down every summer 'cuz the gays'..?"

So Sue Me 2: "Sorry, Sarah. That money stops cold at the Mississippi River."

Jean Junque Therapy Vote Blue: "There she goes, hand out asking for Fed government help. What happened to Arkansas bootstraps? People helping people? The people of her state should get help like everyone else, but be appreciative and thankful the government is there to lend disaster support."

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