'Unable to learn': Ann Coulter skewers Republicans for falling over themselves to defend Donald Trump

'Unable to learn': Ann Coulter skewers Republicans for falling over themselves to defend Donald Trump
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Conservative host Ann Coulter has a message for her fellow Republicans: former President Donald Trump has no chance at winning the 2024 presidential election.

In a Substack post, the far-right media pundit admonished the GOP's loyalty to the former president, who pleaded not guilty to 34 felonies Tuesday after a Manhattan grand jury indicted him for making hush money payments to adult film star, Stormy Daniels.

Referring to the Republican leaders' outrage around Trump's indictment, Coulter writes, Democrats are "trying to trick Republicans into choosing the worst possible presidential nominee," adding, "Guess what? It's working! New GOP motto: Unable to learn from the third kick of a mule."

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She adds, "Democrats are playing Republicans like a fiddle. The left's sole objective is to make Trump the Republicans' 2024 presidential nominee. He's already lost three election cycles for the GOP -- why not make it four?"

Rich Lowry, editor in chief at The National Review, said in a Politico op-ed last month, "Since 1992, Trump is the only incumbent to have lost, failing to join Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama as re-elected incumbents."

Lowry wrote:

Trump would probably be weaker going into a rematch than the first time around. He lost to Biden in 2020 — before he denied the results of a national election, before a fevered band of his supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, before he indulged every 2020 conspiracy theory that came across his desk, before he said the Constitution should be suspended and before he made his primary campaign partly about rebuking traditional Republicans that the GOP suburbanites he’d need in a general election probably still feel warmly about.

Coulter cited a separate Politico report — from earlier this week — saying, "Biden's senior advisers reacted to Trump's recent surge in the polls with unmitigated joy. 'We beat Trump once, they say, and will again.' They're absolutely right," she writes.

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"After voters reject you once, they almost never change their minds," Coulter says.

The GOPer even reminds her political party of Trump's lackluster over Hillary Clinton in 2016, writing, "Don't confuse 'startling' with 'big.'" Coulter continues, "Trump's winning was a shock, but it wasn't an amazing, spectacular victory, indicative of some sort of electoral magic."

She concludes, "Republicans: No matter how angry you are at Democrats for politicizing the law, please remember: Trump. Will. Lose. To. Biden. There is absolutely no scenario in which he wins."

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Ann Coulter's full Substack post is available at this link. Rich Lowry's op-ed is here.

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