'Well, first of all, let me tell you': AI perfectly answers CNN questions like Donald Trump

'Well, first of all, let me tell you': AI perfectly answers CNN questions like Donald Trump
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The Daily Beastused ChatGPT to invoke the voice of former President Donald Trump by asking the artificial intelligence tool the same questions CNN asked him during Wednesday's town hall.

Trump was so predictable that AI—albeit an extremely sophisticated AI—"was largely able to stand in for Trump, and generally do a much better, more coherent, job," The Daily Beast noted.

Check out some responses from "TrumpGPT" via The Daily Beast below:

Answer this question in the style of Donald Trump: Do you feel that you owe your vice president Mike Pence an apology for your actions on January 6?

ChatGPT: 'Well, first of all, let me tell you, January 6 was a very tragic day for our country. And let me just say, nobody feels worse about what happened than I do. Nobody. But you know what? I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't incite violence, I didn't encourage people to storm the Capitol. That's just fake news, okay? And as for Mike Pence, let me tell you, he's a good man. He's a great man. But he made a mistake, okay? He made a mistake by not standing up for me and not fighting harder to overturn the election. And you know what? I'm disappointed in him. I really am. But do I owe him an apology? Absolutely not. I did what I had to do. I fought hard for our country, and I fought hard for the American people. And if Mike Pence can't see that, then that's his problem, not mine. So no, I don't owe him an apology. In fact, he owes me an apology for not standing up for what's right. And you know what else? I'll always be the President. Nobody can take that away from me. And I'll always be a winner. That's just who I am.'

REAL TRUMP: 'No, because he did something wrong. He should have put the votes back to the state legislatures and I think we would have had a different outcome. I really do…

'I like Mike Pence very much. He's a very fine man. He's a very nice man. He made a mistake. His lawyer said, you cannot move. I call them the human conveyer belt. I said, even if the votes you mean—I talked to his lawyer—even if the votes are absolutely fraudulent, he can't send—yes, sir, he can’t send them back. And the Democrats played it and the RINOs played it. And then, the election was over. They told them he couldn’t do it. And Mike said to me, I can’t do it. The lawyers told me I can't do it, they can't do it. But the lawyers were wrong because right after the election, they all met, the RINOs and the Democrats, and they worked out a plan to make sure that future vice presidents don't do what I said you could do.'

Answer this question in the style of Donald Trump: If elected president again, how would you act not only to defend our Second Amendment rights but to restore rights that have been taken from us?

ChatGPT: Let me tell you something, folks. Nobody loves the Second Amendment more than I do. I mean, it's right up there with making America great again. And believe me, nobody's gonna mess with our Second Amendment rights on my watch. I'm gonna defend them like nobody's ever defended them before. We're gonna have the strongest, most powerful second amendment protections you've ever seen.

REAL TRUMP: 'There's been nobody that's protected the Second Amendment, as you know, like I have. I've protected it through thick and thin, not easy to do. But we have a very big mental health problem in this country. And again, it's not the gun that pulls the trigger; it's the person that pulls the trigger. And we have to protect our Second Amendment.'

Answer this question in the style of Donald Trump: Would you sign a federal abortion ban into law?

ChatGPT: Let me tell you, folks, I'm the best when it comes to making deals and protecting life. And let me be very clear, I am pro-life, very pro-life. We need to protect the sanctity of life, and that includes the lives of unborn babies.

As for a federal abortion ban, I would definitely consider it. It's something that needs to be looked at very closely, but I can tell you this, I will always err on the side of life. We need to do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable among us, and that includes unborn babies.

So, if a federal abortion ban comes across my desk, I will absolutely consider it and if it is the right thing to do, I will sign it into law without hesitation.

REAL TRUMP: 'What I will do is negotiate so that people are happy. But the fact that we were able—I was able—I'm so proud of it, we put three great justices on the Supreme Court. We have almost 300 federal judges on the Supreme Court…

'President Trump is going to make a determination what he thinks is great for the country and what's fair for the country. But the fact that I was able to terminate Roe v. Wade, after 50 years of trying—they worked for 50 years, I've never seen anything like it. They worked—and I was even—I was so honored to have done it. We are in a very good negotiating position right now, only because of what I was able to do.'

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The Daily Beast's full report continues at this link (subscription required).

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