'I can look at myself in the mirror': Adam Kinzinger responds to Tucker Carlson calling him a liar

'I can look at myself in the mirror': Adam Kinzinger responds to Tucker Carlson calling him a liar
WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 19: U.S. Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) participates in the last meeting of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol in the Canon House Office Building on Capitol Hill on December 19, 2022 in Washington, DC. The committee is expected to approve its final report and vote on referring charges to the Justice Department. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images).

Former United States Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois) admonished Fox News host Tucker Carlson in two separate CNN appearances on Tuesday in response to Carlson's misleading Monday night special about the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection.

First, on This Morning, host Kaitlan Collins asked Kinzinger to address Carlson having called him and ex-Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) – who chaired the House Select Committee that investigated January 6th – liars.

"Adam, he also invoked the Committee several times saying essentially, you know, this is access, the footage that you had access to, parts of it that the Committee did not air. Do you wanna respond to that? And also, you know that he's, he, he said you or you were a liar, and Liz Cheney was a liar and that you guys perpetuated this lie," Collins said.

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"Yeah, I mean, look, obviously, everybody knows, even in their heart, even those that think that, or that will say out loud that the insurrection didn't happen, they know in their heart that it did. So you can call me a liar all you want. I just know that means we're over the target typically," Kinzinger replied.

"Um, look, I, I can look at myself in the mirror. I know Tucker Carlson, he has a lot more money than I do, but it's probably much harder for him to wake up and look in the mirror because he knows what he's doing to a country that I've sworn to defend, both in uniform and in Congress, that he's never taken that similar oath. So that's fine. Not everybody has to take that oath, but he hasn't. And I think that's clear," Kinzinger continued. "But look, in terms of saying that we've hidden this footage? Oh, we had one of the most transparent hearings in history with the most footage we've ever shown in history. And every single, almost, witness that came in front of us was a very partisan witness. They were all Republicans that came in front of this Committee."

Kinzinger then explained on The Lead with Jake Tapper why he believes that Carlson is willingly entrenched in his cycle of deceit.

"Here's how Fox does it because – and particularly Tucker – because they realize no matter what they say, their audience is vested in that tribal narrative. That audience is invested in the fact because they've been programmed by Tucker Carlson for many years. They've been invested in the fact that you have to pick your side and stick with it. No matter what the cost is, suspend your beliefs, suspend your disbelief, just, you know, trust us. We're going to tell you, we're going to give you the talking points and the arguments. Fox knows that's not true. Tucker knows that's not true," Kinzinger stated.

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"And you can see it all throughout the Dominion lawsuit. But has Fox News talked about the Dominion lawsuit? I'm gonna guess probably not. Has Fox News told their own audience that they were lying to them? Probably not," Kinzinger added. "They just keep them hooked, give them a bigger dopamine rush, give them more of that hit, and that's how it goes."

Watch below or at this link.

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