'Stop trampling on women’s rights': Twitter users react to anti-abortion bills’ brutal defeats in red states

'Stop trampling on women’s rights': Twitter users react to anti-abortion bills’ brutal defeats in red states

In two deep red states, South Carolina and Nebraska, draconian anti-abortion proposals were blocked in state legislatures on Thursday, April 27.

In the GOP-controlled South Carolina State Senate, a bill that would have banned almost all abortions was defeated. And in the Nebraska State Legislature, a vote to end debate on a proposed six-week abortion ban and let the bill proceed failed by a single vote.

Jo Giles, director of the Women's Fund of Nebraska, was pleasantly surprised and was quoted by the Associated Press (AP) as saying, "Wow! This was unexpected, but we're so glad to have this win. We have fought so hard. This bill is not what the majority of women in this state wanted."

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Twitter has been full of reactions, and many users have commented that the bills didn't run into problems in swing states or purple states but in deep red states.

Right-wing firebrand author Ann Coulter is anti-abortion but believes that post-Roe v. Wade, abortion restrictions are going too far and hurting the Republican Party. In response to the news from South Carolina and Nebraska, Coulter tweeted, "Two Republican legislatures failed to pass abortion restrictions this week - South Carolina (near total ban) and Nebraska (6-week ban). Currently, both states allow abortions up to TWENTY-TWO WEEKS. Why not go with a 15-week ban and win???"

John Iadarola of "The Young Turks" described the fate of the South Carolina and Nebraska bills as "a reminder that the GOP's position on reproductive rights is wildly unpopular even in red states."

Twitter user Toni Webb, @GoCubaStudents, "Republicans should stop trampling on women's rights, whether they agree with abortion or not. Republicans guaranteed a Blue Tsunami in 2024 when they blocked ratification of the ERA this week."

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@Bennydiego posted, "Abortion bans in deeply conservative Nebraska and South Carolina both fell short of advancing in close legislative votes amid heated debates among Republicans, yet another sign that abortion is becoming a difficult issue for the GOP."

CAP Action tweeted, "This is a major win in the battle against MAGA Republicans’ extreme abortion bans — but the fight continues." And the Global Justice Center posted, "Local resistance against these horrific abortion bans is both inspiring and instructive for all of us fighting for a world that respects our fundamental human right to bodily autonomy. Solidarity to everyone fighting for their communities.

Buzz Machine's Jeff Jarvis, @jeffjarvis, described South Carolina and Nebraska as "political cynicism yields to political pragmatism."

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