Tucker Carlson claims he showed Capitol Police Jan. 6 footage before airing but officials saw 'only one' clip

Tucker Carlson claims he showed Capitol Police Jan. 6 footage before airing but officials saw 'only one' clip

Capitol Police general counsel, Thomas DiBiase, said in a new court filing he asked a top GOP staffer to ensure he had the opportunity to "review every clip from the [U.S. Capitol Police] internal system that would be made public," ABC News reports.

Per Politico, "only one of the more than 40 riot clips Fox News' Tucker Carlson aired earlier this month using access granted by the House GOP" was reviewed ahead of airing, according to DiBiase.

ABC reports:

But sources told ABC News that just hours before Carlson went on the air, Capitol Police were informed that they would not have an opportunity to review the footage beforehand as they had expected they would be able to do.

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Regarding the single clip of footage he reviewed, DiBiase noted, "Since that clip was substantially similar to a clip used in [former President Donald Trump's second] Impeachment Trial and was publicly available, I approved the use of the clip. The other approximately 40 clips, which were not from the Sensitive List [of cameras deemed the most sensitive], were never shown to me nor anyone else from the Capitol Police."

Per ABC, DiBiase's comment "directly contradicts" Carlson's statement asserting "his team had coordinated with Capitol Police on what was appropriate to air."

Carlson said during a recent segment, "Before airing any of this video, we checked first with the Capitol Police." He continued, "We are happy to say the reservations were minor and for the most part they were reasonable."

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said "he has little control over the footage once it's provided to lawmakers," according to Politico, which also reports Manger has "fiercely criticized Carlson and Fox News' handling of the footage, saying it minimized the violence and chaos of Jan. 6 and portrayed Capitol Police officers' actions in a 'misleading' and 'offensive' light."

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ABC's Good Morning America 3 aired a clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson's recent report on the Jan. 6 footage he received from the House Speaker, in which Carlson can be heard "whitewashing" the series of events that day.

ABC News Chief Washington correspondent, Jonathan Karl, spoke to GMA3 about what people "from both sides of the aisle are saying" about Carlson's fabrication.

Karl said, "Republican senators came out, almost en masse, condemning" the right-wing host's report.

Still, GMA 3 reports McCarthy recently said, "each person can come up with their own conclusion regarding footage" — an about-face from the night of Jan. 6, when the Speaker said, "the violence, chaos and destruction we saw earlier was unacceptable," before noting "a woman tragically lost her life" in the attack.

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ABC reports:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has stood by his decision to grant Carlson access to the raw security footage, telling reporters that he has no regrets about the arrangement. But he has repeatedly refused to answer questions about Carlson's comments on the show, in which he defended the protesters and said they were correct to "believe that the election they had just voted in had been unfairly conducted."

Now, "there are people who believe what Carlson said and they will latch on to" his lies, Karl noted, but "disinformation is only what it can be called," he said.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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ABC's full report is available at this link. Politico's report is here.

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