Tucker Carlson whines about Democrats winning in places where Republicans spread voter fraud lies

Tucker Carlson whines about Democrats winning in places where Republicans spread voter fraud lies
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On Wednesday's edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the namesake Fox News angertainer tried to spook his audience into believing that sinister deeds are afoot in districts that are slow to tabulate ballots.

Carlson began by complaining about California, which is notorious for being slow at counting votes:

Well, it's been over a week since the midterm elections and there are still a number of US House races whose outcomes we don't know. Officials are continuing to, quote, 'count the votes' in those races. In California's 3rd Congressional District, for example, only sixty percent of the ballots have been tallied as of tonight.

Next, Carlson falsely proclaimed that there is a mystery behind why tallying ballots can be arduous:

After eight days, is anything in vote counting we don't know? Isn't it just adding up all the votes? How did simple addition become such a complex and time-consuming task in a country that does heart transplants and has a space program? We honestly don't know the answer. No one's really explained it to us. We have noticed that this sorta thing doesn't seem to happen in Republican districts. Maybe you've got a theory as to why.

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On Monday, the Christian Science Monitor explained why this is happening:

"Arizona election officials point first and foremost to Maricopa County’s sheer size, as the fourth most populous county in the nation and its second-largest voting jurisdiction. The state’s long-standing propensity for absentee voting, which has been allowed without exceptions here for 30 years, also requires more verification on the back end. Indeed, they note that Maricopa has always been slow, averaging 12.5 days to post its final election results over the past eight elections. The prolonged count is only getting attention now because the races have been so close and the outcomes so critical," wrote Story Hinkley.

"But this year’s delay was also compounded by a new factor: suspicions surrounding voting machines and ballots sent through the mail. With portions of the Republican Party propagating unfounded fraud claims and conspiracies after the 2020 election, many 'hardcore Republican voters,' as GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake put it, 'brought their [mail-in] ballot in on Election Day,'" Hinkley continued. "Election officials say the resulting spike in late drop-offs of early ballots, or 'late earlies' as they call them, slowed the counting down significantly."

CNN and The Guardian both published analyses that draw the same conclusion.

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Nonetheless, Carlson implied that Democrats defeating Republicans – who nationally carried the "popular vote" in congressional races – is a sign that something went wrong:

What we can tell you conclusively is who is benefitting from it because that's measurable. As in many recent elections that we've already told you about, in the overall majority of races this cycle, where there was a reported problem with voting equipment or a long delay in vote counting, Democrats won. The overwhelming majority. That's not a guess. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's math. Of the forty races in this year's midterms that took at least two days to count, twenty-eight of them went to Democrats. That's seventy percent. So if the chaos at polling places was organic and randomly distributed, you would expect each party to benefit at roughly the same rate – fifty percent. But no. Seventy percent went to Democratic candidates. Are you surprised by that? You're probably not surprised.

Carlson suggested that President Joe Biden's victory in 2020 along with this cycle's losses by former President Donald Trump's Republican endorsees in Arizona – Senate hopeful Blake Masters and gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake – are indicative of unverifiable meddling:

When voting counting was paused in various places on election night 2020, how shocked were you really that Joe Biden won? When a huge percentage of polling places in Arizona reported serious problems on Election Day – non-functioning equipment, printers that were somehow out of ink – were you really stunned when Blake Masters and Kari Lake lost? We doubt you were, because you're getting used to how this really works. Can we call it voter fraud? No, we can't. We don't have the evidence. We can call it unacceptable, because it is. When equipment malfunctions or it takes days to count the votes, Americans lose their faith in their democratic system and when they lose that faith, they tend to become radical and over time, they can become dangerous because democracy is the safety relief valve that keeps things from blowing up.

Carlson then declared that even the mere "appearance" of impropriety is harmful – despite the fact that he has been instrumental in sowing doubt about the integrity of American elections for years. Carlson also claimed that the GOP – whose laws have made voting and counting ballots needlessly complicated – hold the solutions to the invisible problem that he previously lamented cannot be proven:

Whether or not the system is actually rigged, there is no doubt that it certainly looks like it's rigged, and that alone, just the appearance of it, is a disaster for all of us. So you would think both parties would want to fix this for the sake of democracy, the democracy we claim to care so much about. But no. Only one party wants to fix it. Only one party even notices. The other party is benefiting from it.

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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