Watch: Roger Stone fears Republicans stayed home because they think elections are stolen

Watch: Roger Stone fears Republicans stayed home because they think elections are stolen
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The Republican Party's failure to make significant gains in the Tuesday midterms has left liberals rejoicing and conservatives wondering what went so terribly wrong in an election that historically favors non-incumbent lawmakers. For example, halfway through former President Donald Trump's term in 2018, the GOP lost 40 seats in the United States House of Representatives. In 2014, when Democrat Barack Obama was in the White House, Republicans picked up 13 House seats. And in 2010, right-wing Tea Party candidates ousted 63 Democrats.

But that was not what happened this time around. While many races are still outstanding, Republicans will likely only win a handful of seats, and thus a tiny majority, in the House. And in the Senate, Democrats may actually add to their one-seat advantage. Although many factors can be cited as having contributed to Democrats' stronger-than-expected performances, voter enthusiasm is not among them. Tens of millions of ballots were cast early and polling places were busy all throughout Election Day.

But that is not what conspiracy theorist Roger Stone lamented to Infowars' Alex Jones on Wednesday. Instead, Stone posited that distrust in democracy and lack of confidence in the integrity of elections dissuaded an untold number of Americans from participating.

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Stone and Jones were instrumental in Trump's attempts to steal the 2020 election and have continued to insist that voting is rigged and that fraud is rampant – even though no supporting evidence for those assertions exists.

"I actually think, unfortunately, the results last night add to a growing frustration. What disappoints me is the number of people who tell me that after the last election, they just tuned out anything political and stopped paying attention. I mean, their attitude is, 'it's broken, it cannot be fixed, you know, I'm gonna go to my kid's little league game and hope that they're not letting boys play girls' sports and vice versa,'" Stone said without presenting any specific examples.

"Well, that's right. You can't hide from this, folks. They're gonna destroy us," Jones growled. "You can no longer stick your damn head in the sand."

Watch below or at this link.

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