Jeanine Pirro admits Americans 'voted on issues that weren’t the issues we thought they were voting on'

Jeanine Pirro admits Americans 'voted on issues that weren’t the issues we thought they were voting on'
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On Wednesday, after Democrats performed beyond most expectations in the midterm elections and better than either party has in decades when its president is in the White House, Fox News‘ “Judge” Jeanine Pirro openly admitted she was stunned that voters didn’t vote on issues Fox News has been promoting to attack the left: the economy, inflation, and crime.

“I think what, what is, what is really disturbing, though, is the fact that most of the country thinks we’re headed in the wrong direction and the fact – 75 percent, some said 80% – and yet, so many people voted on issues that weren’t the issues we thought they were voting on,” Pirro said on “The Five.”

“We thought it was all about the economy, inflation, and crime,” she continued, listing the issues Fox News has been pushing for months.

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“But,” she realized, “it was a lot about abortion. It was a lot about the threat to democracy. And even in spite of that, I think Republicans did very well, and I think Kevin McCarthy is to be saluted for, you know, a mission that he’s been on for many years.”

Republicans did not do well when the average number of House seats the party out of power gains in the midterms is 26.

As Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse last month noted, as have many, many others, “abortion access is an economic issue.”

On Monday, Pirro mocked Democrats for wanting to protect democracy – a key part of President Biden’s focus.

“We have brand new Fox News voter analysis that’s on the side of your screen right now showing how voters feel about the number of key issues. Wow. Now, could all the fear-mongering over democracy dying tomorrow backfire on the Democrats? Former Obama adviser Van Jones is ripping his own party for wasting precious time trying to stoke voter fears instead of focusing on what people care about,” she declared.

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Also on Monday, Pirro mocked President Biden “for accusing voters of ‘aligning with fascists’,” before playing a clip of a CNN Democratic strategist saying, “I think the President’s closing message last night about democracy is on the ballot, again, is frustrating to to people like me who, you know, don’t want to see half the voters in America alienated or saying we’re being accused of aligning with fascists because they’re voting for their pocketbook. That’s just not where we want to be.”

But as it turns out, President Biden was correct. Americans voted for the party that cares about protecting democracy, the right to abortion, and recognize that those are also economic issues.

Watch Monday’s Fox News segment with Pirro below or watch both videos at this link.

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