Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets that 'communists and Democrat activists' got her banned from Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets that 'communists and Democrat activists' got her banned from Twitter
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On January 2nd, 2022, Twitter permanently suspended the personal account of United States Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Greene) for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and the safety of its vaccines. Greene had received multiple warnings and a temporary block from the platform's content moderators but continued to post conspiracy theories anyway, most notably that inoculations are "dangerous" and that “extremely high amounts of COVID vaccine deaths are ignored.”

Greene – who is the first Capitol Hill lawmaker whom Twitter totally banned for violating its terms of use regarding the coronavirus crisis (though she is certainly not the only one to be reprimanded) – later called Twitter "an enemy to America" that "can't handle the truth." Her congressional account has remained active, however, thanks in part to Twitter's erring away from the potential appearance of interfering with politics.

Former President Donald Trump had also been famously kicked off the site in 2021 following his incitement of the January 6th insurrection and repeatedly spreading lies about the 2020 election.

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Now, with the November midterms just two days away and her Democratic opponent Marcus Flowers having raised a record $15 million this cycle, Greene authored a lengthy complaint about her Twitter eviction in a thread – on Twitter – late Saturday evening.

Greene's fourteen tweets accused supposed "communists and Democrat activists (and very likely Marcus Flowers donors) at Twitter" of orchestrating a scheme to sabotage her reelection campaign:

I’m the only sitting Member of Congress & candidate, that does not have a campaign Twitter account bc Twitter permanently banned my Twitter account on 1-2-22 for tweeting about Covid & Covid vaccines. Which means I am not able to campaign or raise money for my campaign on this platform but my Democrat opponent has been able to raise over $15 MILLION from Democrat donors all over the country that are being lied to about his ability to win in Georgia’s beautiful deep red 14th district. I mean it’s impossible so they might as well pile up that $15 million and pour lighter fluid on it and set it in fire. Not that I care bc all $15 million was donated in a lying, hateful, MTG derangement syndrome campaign and NONE of that money will hurt ANY Republican anywhere. I created a force field.

I am pointing this out to everyone bc I believe in transparency for everyone. That’s why I called for so many recorded votes forcing Congress to vote on record & not get away with passing billions of taxpayer spending with secretive voice votes. I’m also pointing this out bc the communists and Democrat activists (and very likely Marcus Flowers donors) at Twitter have violated my ability to campaign and raise money for my campaign. I mean my campaign has only been able to raise $12.5 million from incredible people supporting me.

Imagine if my campaign Twitter account was active and I could post campaign ads, information, events, and fundraising links. More America loving patriots would have donated a lot more. But that’s just the point. The people who work (or worked) at Twitter didn’t want that. They didn’t want people to see my tweets and support me more & more bc they want to control information. That’s why they have suppressed news stories and silenced so many people bc they don’t believe in freedom of speech. They believe in controlling speech & that’s dangerous. Now there will be a bunch of hired trolls and bots in my comments that will cry in extremely pitiful whiny key strokes, 'but you’re tweeting now!' However that still doesn’t change the fact that my personal freedom of speech has been violated by Twitter and it affects my ability to campaign and raise money for my campaign bc I’m not allowed to on this account. Elon Musk is a busy guy and probably doesn’t know that. If I do use this account for my campaign, get reported to Ethics, committee of 10 Members of Congress -5 Republicans & 5 Democrats. 4 of those 5 Democrats have signed a House Resolution to expel me from Congress that literally has zero reasons listed. Just like Marcus Flowers donations, it’s based on hate, not facts.

Freedom of speech is so important that we have to protect it at all cost. My personal Twitter account was banned as a Member of Congress saying that the FDA should not have approved the experimental covid vaccines and they should not be mandated, and look at where we are now. I tried to stop it. Also, If I had my personal Twitter account I could’ve at least warned all those Democrat donors that they were wasting their money on Marcus. Many of them donated to BLM on ActBlue, the Democrat fundraising platform which funded riots all over the country so I’m not sure if they cared about burning money since they didn’t seem to care about BLM burning American cities, businesses, & attacking police. But at least I would have tried.

I bet other Democrat candidates could have used some of that $15 million that Marcus Flowers got, and maybe those Dem donors would have sent their money to other Dems, but shamefully no one told them it’s literally impossible for Marcus Flowers to win.

Maybe they ask for a refund, who knows. But I would like my personal Twitter account back please. And an edit button.

Georgia's 14th Congressional District is deeply conservative. Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight estimates that Greene has a ninety-nine percent chance of winning a second term.

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