'Unbelievable': Twitter users blast Jim Jordan after 'real America' post backfires

'Unbelievable': Twitter users blast Jim Jordan after 'real America' post backfires
Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio (Gage Skidmore)
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Far-right Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, not unlike former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is big on “real America” rhetoric — often implying that Americans who live in blue states or blue districts and vote Democratic aren’t really Americans. The far-right MAGA Republican and Donald Trump ally used his “real America” rhetoric on Thursday, October 13, when the January 6 select committee held its first hearing since returning from a hiatus and Jordan attacked the committee on Twitter — an attack that many Twitter users have been slamming as clueless.

The January 6 committee’s hearing was quite eventful, and there was a major bombshell: committee members voted to subpoena Trump.

Jordan, before the hearing, posted, “Real America can’t afford gas, groceries, or rent. When will the January 6th Committee address those issues?”

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Twitter user Bill Prady, in response to Jordan’s “real America” tweet, reminded him that the committee wasn’t designed to focus on the economy or anything other than issues pertaining to January 6, 2021.

Prady posted, “Oh, @Jim_Jordan -- the January 6th committee is focused on the attempt by Donald Trump to illegally remain in office. They're not allowed to branch out to other issues, for example they cannot explore how you covered up the sexual abuse of student athletes in your charge.”

Twitter user Aaron Black was equally critical of Jordan, tweeting, “UNBELIEVABLE. Jim Jordan is talking about gas prices and he and every one of his Republican colleagues voted ‘NO’ on the oil and gas price gouging bill on May 19. We need to plaster this everywhere. Real America knows Jim Jordan full of crap.”

Skylar Baker-Jordan lambasted Rep. Jordan as well and pointed out that caring about economic issues doesn’t mean forgetting about “protecting our democracy.”

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“I'm a real American in real America,” Baker-Jordan posed. “Gas, groceries, and rent *are* too high and those issues matter a great deal to me. So does protecting our democracy from insurrectionists and authoritarian forces like Jim Jordan. I can care about many things at once.”

Baker-Jordan also pointed out that the “real America” concept is badly flawed, posting, “I detest this notion of ‘real America,’ implying the existence of a ‘fake America.’ I was a real American when I lived in the hollows of Kentucky, and I was a real American when I lived in the heart of Chicago.”

Another Twitter user, Stephen Robinson, told Rep. Jordan, “I'm not the brain genius you are but wouldn't a *different* committee make more sense to address those issues? But we'll remember this when you're chairing The Hunter Biden Drag Queen Story Hour committees.”

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