'Kill them for a generation': Steve Bannon wants Infowars fans as poll workers to 'destroy' Democrats

'Kill them for a generation': Steve Bannon wants Infowars fans as poll workers to 'destroy' Democrats
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White nationalist and twice-convicted felon Steve Bannon appeared on Infowars on Wednesday and predicted to War Room host Owen Shroyer that the November midterm elections are the Republican Party's chance to "destroy the Democratic Party" and that right-wing lawmakers will "force" President Joe Biden to forgo seeking a second term in 2024.

"We've expanded this battlefield all over. So what we have to do now, Owen – and that's why I think this vaccine thing, CDC gave us a gift, a political gift last week by this unanimous vote when they didn't have any debate or bring in any facts. I think people are furious about this, about the children – that is the secret weapon going into build this coalition. Everybody in this audience, particularly the Alex Jones Infowars audience that know the fight we've been fighting for decades against the globalists, we're right on the cusp of having the opportunity to destroy the Democratic Party as a national political institution from school boards all the way up to the House and the Senate," Bannon said, claiming that Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives is in disarray.

"And Owen, here's the big tell. Today, in 'The Hill,' the lead story this morning was about how the knives are already out internally at the White House, on the Hill. They're blaming [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi [D-California], [House Majority Leader Steny] Hoyer [D-Maryland], [House Majority Whip Jim] Clyburn [D-South Carolina]," Bannon continued. "The younger progressives are saying these people are in their eighties. They didn't get the right issues. J6 never really mattered. Abortion played out. Climate change is not something somebody's gonna vote on. It's crime, it's inflation, it's the injection, that's what's playing on people's minds right now. They said, and here's the number they gave, that anything thirty seats and above in the House and any flip of the Senate – and that's why Pennsylvania's so big – that immediately all the House and Senate leadership is gonna be broomed immediately. And, that Joe Biden, they're gonna force Joe Biden to announce in like twenty-four to forty-eight hours he's not running again for president because this is a repudiation of his presidency."

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Bannon, who served as a White House adviser to former President Donald Trump, also repeated Trump's thoroughly debunked lies about the 2020 election having been stolen from him and called upon people who still believe that Trump won the 2020 election to mass mobilize and sign up to be poll workers.

"Look, this shows so much, number one: Owen you know this and you can do the math. No regime could've collapsed this quickly when we had no money if they actually had eighty-one million votes the first time around. This proves the case more than ever they didn't win in 2020. Okay?" he declared.

"What we have to do now is an overwhelming show of force, everywhere to converge: own your vote, get out the vote, help get out the vote, go volunteer, phonebank, walk a precinct, and in addition, we have to close the deal. Remember, in 2020 we won but we didn't close. It's like in mergers and acquisitions, if you don't close the deal it doesn't matter. The way we got to close -- and we still got the problems with the machines, I understand that -- and you should see the 'Wall Street Journal' today, the op-eds, the editorial page talks about we still got problems with the mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. And these are going to be fights, but the way you do that, you get into the room and become a poll worker," said Bannon.

"This is one hundred percent, Owen, within our hands to grasp. This'll never come again. We have a unique opportunity to have something like 1932 or right after the Civil War when you had these massive realignments in American politics. We could blow these people out of the House and Senate for a decade. Okay? If we pick up forty or fifty seats it gets us up to what, two-sixty, two-seventy, and those guys below one-fifty? You kill them for a generation because they're going to sit there with no power. All your great talent is going to leave. They're not gonna sit in DC and just be on a minority in a committee. It doesn't work like that because you have no power," Bannon added. "This is our opportunity to destroy the groomer party, to destroy the globalist party, to back off their Wall Street and their corporate interests, and to go forth. So that's why I say everything's in the next thirteen days, sir."

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Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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