Russian media chief jokes about soldiers raping elderly Ukrainian women and demands drowning kids

Russian media chief jokes about soldiers raping elderly Ukrainian women and demands drowning kids
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Anton Krasovsky, an out gay reporter and chief of Russian state-controlled RT media, was recently suspended from RT after he advocated for the drowning of Ukrainian children and the raping of elderly Ukrainian women last week.

Krasovsky’s comment about children occurred on the air amid a discussion of Ukrainian children who felt they lived better lives when Russia wasn’t occupying their country.

“They should have been drowned in the Tysyna (River)… thrown straight into a river with a strong current,” he responded. “Just drown those children, drown them… [They] could be shoved into huts and burned.”

He also laughed off reports that Russian soldiers had been given Viagra to commit sexual violence during Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country. Multiple reports have said that Russian soldiers are “systematically raping” Ukrainian women, according to the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, and NPR.

“Yes, being handed out to our soldiers for them to rape Ukrainian grannies,” he joked. “God, those grannies would spend their burial savings to get raped by Russian soldiers.

During the broadcast, Krasovsky also repeatedly referred to Ukrainians using a slur for their identity. He later asked, “Should Ukraine remain on a map of the world?”

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote in a tweet linking to a clip of the interview, “Aggressive genocide incitement (we will put this person on trial for it), which has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Ban RT worldwide.”

In an apology posted to the encrypted chat application Telegram, Krasovsky wrote, “Look, I’m really embarrassed that somehow I didn’t see that line. About children.”

“Well, it happens like this,” his apology continued. “You sit on the air, you are carried. And you can’t stop. I apologize to everyone who was stunned by this… I apologize … to everyone for whom this seemed wild, unthinkable and insurmountable.”

RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, wrote on Twitter that RT has stopped its collaboration with Krasovsky.

“Krasovsky’s statement is wild and disgusting,” Simonyan added on Telegram. “Perhaps [he] will explain what temporary insanity caused it and how it broke from his tongue.”

“For the children of Ukraine, as well as for the children of Donbas, and for all other children, I wish that all this ends as soon as possible, and that they can live and study in peace again – in the language they consider native,” her message concluded.

Krasovsky is a supporter of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, stating that the country is located on “our Russian land” and that its constitution should be burned. He has also repeatedly referred to Ukrainians as “animals” in past broadcasts.

Footage and translation were provided by Daily Beast columnist and Russian Media Monitor founder Julia Davis.

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