'This is who they are': Critics blast Kari Lake for mocking Paul Pelosi after violent assault

'This is who they are': Critics blast Kari Lake for mocking Paul Pelosi after violent assault
Kari Lake speaking in Scottsdale, Arizona in August 2021, Gage Skidmore

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake, a Christian nationalist, conspiracy theorist, and Big Lie promoter, got a big laugh from supporters when she responded to a question about protecting school children from mass shootings by mocking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her 82-year old husband Paul Pelosi,

Paul Pelosi is in intensive care right now after being attacked inside their home by a hammer-wielding man who has now admitted he wanted to “break her kneecaps” as “a warning to other members of Congress.”

“It is not impossible to protect our kids at school,” Lake said on stage during an interview-style event Monday. “They act like it is.”

“Nancy Pelosi – well she’s got protection when she’s in D.C.” Lake said in what appeared to be a pre-written line.

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“Apparently her house didn’t have a lot of protection,” Lake mocked in a line that drew laughter from the audience and the host.

“If our lawmakers have protection, if our lawmakers can have protection, if our politicians can have protection, if our athletes, then certainly the most important people in our lives, our children, should have protection.”

In the short clip, Lake did not appear to offer any solutions to the gun crisis that America faces, nor did she say how she would protect children in Arizona’s schools.

Veteran journalist Justin Glawe responded by saying he was not sure “how you describe a political party” that “Threatens violence if they don’t get their way,” “Carries it out in an attempt to overturn an election,” and “Laughs about political violence against their opponents as anything other than fascist but I’m open to suggestions.”

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Several others echoed “This is who they are” remarks made by U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

Republican and former U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh tweeted, “Every day, they demonstrate who they are. Every day.”

“Impossible to associate with someone like this,” said conservative attorney Heath Mayo. “Shame on every Republican who continues to lift her up as a voice.”

“These are terrible people,” added Peter Montgomery, a senior fellow at People for the American Way. “We don’t want them running out states and our country.”

Former Bush 43 official Christian Vanderbrouk, pointing to the video, observed Lake’s remarks were not random but premeditated.

“Notice how Lake pauses for her sick joke to land…” he said.

"Fascists like Kari Lake think violence is funny,” wrote former Chicago Tribune editor Mark Jacob. “No decent person votes for MAGA Republicans.” Watch below or at this link.

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