Herschel Walker Says Dems have 'woken a grizzly bear' as GOP leaders rush to support him

Herschel Walker Says Dems have 'woken a grizzly bear' as GOP leaders rush to support him
Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Rick Scott (R-FL) with Senate GOP candidate Hershel Walker.
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Embattled Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker, continuing to deny he paid for his girlfriend’s abortion and later urged her to have a second, says Democrats have “woken a grizzly bear,” and promises now will beat his opponent, Democratic U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock, “by a lot.” Republican lawmakers are standing firmly beside him.

“They don’t realize that they’ve woken a grizzly bear,” said Walker, whose girlfriend also said she had to repeatedly ask him for the money for the abortion he urged to to get.

“Now they got a fight on their hand. Before I was just going to beat them by a little bit. Now I’m going to beat them by a lot,” he told Fox News.

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Strong reporting from The Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger earlier uncovered Walker has four children, not just the one he publicly has acknowledged. But last week Sollenberger also revealed Walker paid for an abortion despite running on a platform that includes a complete ban on abortion, including for rape and incest and the life and health of the mother. He has said he would support a national 15-week ban. The Washington Post has also confirmed this story.

“Walker sent a $700 check via FedEx about a week after the procedure, the woman said. The Post reviewed an image of the check that was printed on an ATM slip, with Walker’s name, signature and an address associated with him at the time.”

Walker told Fox News “this party is behind me,” and he is correct. Despite all the falsehoods Walker has told, including that he had a military “career,” and despite what many see as his abortion hypocrisy, The Republican Party is standing strongly behind Walker.


On Tuesday Republican U.S. Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Rick Scott of Florida, two of the party’s most anti-abortion lawmakers, stood beside Herschel Walker, on stage, campaigning with him.

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On stage, with top GOP leaders by his side, Walker told supporters, “I don’t think they know that they woke up a bear…so they got to bring more than that.”

He also told them, “wake up… it’s time for us to stand up, to straighten up.”

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