'Reform the citizens to show respect': Herschel Walker complains about iPhones being used to record police brutality

'Reform the citizens to show respect': Herschel Walker complains about iPhones being used to record police brutality
Image via Lance Cpl. April Price / Wikimedia Commons

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker is facing deep criticism for his latest controversial remarks condemning the use of iPhones to capture incidents of police brutality.

A new clip of Walker's remarks is now circulating on social media. During a recent appearance on the campaign trail, Walker, who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump, expressed concern for law enforcement.

"This is the toughest time to be in law enforcement," Walker claimed. "We gotta support our men and women in blue because everybody wanna go home safe."

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He went on to recall a recent traffic stop he claimed to have personally witnessed. "A couple weeks ago, I was leaving the campaign office and it was starting to get dark outside," he said, adding, "And as I was leaving the office, I saw this started police officer had stopped this car. I still remember the car.

"The car was white with dark windows," he added. "And all of a sudden as an officer was getting out of the car, we were driving by my heart started to flurry."

According to Walker, the use of iPhones makes him nervous. "I started getting nervous because of all of these iPhones. That all they do is videotape someone getting injured. Never trying to help, never trying to do anything. Well, I started getting nervous because of it."

The former NFL star went on to argue that he believes citizens are the real people in need of reform. "And I said, 'Wait a minute.
Maybe we needed to reform the police,'" Walker said. "Then I thought, 'No, no, no. Why don't we reform the citizens to show respect to them too? They have a family. They want to go home safe, just like you do.'"

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Almost immediately after the clip of Walker's remarks began circulating, social media users quickly fired back to correct him. "Herschel, iPhones don’t cause police brutality," one Twitter user wrote. "If you’re able to support us in monitoring the right wing, please consider a retweet and a small donation. Your support is always appreciated."

Another user added, "Unfortunately, this man epitomizes everything that is wrong with our government. He just doesn’t belong in the political arena and is being horribly used for a seat. He can’t possibly speak for his constituents and what’s wrong with them!!!"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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