Its 'not a book ban': Doug Mastriano claims while advocating for books to be banned

Its 'not a book ban': Doug Mastriano claims while advocating for books to be banned
Doug Mastriano in 2014, Wikimedia Commons

Doug Mastriano, the Republican gubernatorial nominee in the state of Pennsylvania, is advocating for books to be banned but also insists it's “not a book ban.”

A clip of Mastriano's argument began circulating Tuesday on Twitter. Mastriano, who was a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump's big election lie, laid out his argument on the Pennsylvania State Senate floor.

“Those books, that you read from and the pictures that I saw in my office and the same that Governor [Tom] Wolf couldn't apparently look at as well, that's not age-appropriate, and asking those to be removed is not a book ban, that's just madness, that's a logical fallacy," Mastriano said.

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He then pivoted to a transphobic rant arguing that “pronoun games have no place in schools.”

"And we have ratings from movies, obviously it should be ratings for books, it's common sense and we got to restore common sense of the commonwealth," he added.

"What's happened to us where bureaucrats get to decide how your kids identify?" he asked. "Pronoun games have no place in schools. This has to end, madness has come in. Parents have the last say, period. We're looking at education and not indoctrination.”

Social media users quickly chimed in with critical views about Mastriano's remarks. "Nazi wannabe, Doug Mastriano argues for books to be banned but says it’s 'not a book ban?'" one Twitter user tweeted. "That can work two ways Mastriano like the MAGA Book Authors suggesting minorities not be able to communicate history documented by many in archives. Ban MAGA BOOKS, right Mastriano?"

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Another user wrote, "GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano argues for books to be banned but says it’s “not a book ban.” Doogies at it again. Telling us what our kids can read, be taught, what gender they must be !! Well doogie, pray your god forgives your hatred PA. won’t"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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