Trump-supporting GOP candidate condemns women’s voting rights

Trump-supporting GOP candidate condemns women’s voting rights
Image via US Department of Housing and Urban Development/Wikimedia Commons

A Michigan GOP congressional nominee being endorsed by former President Donald Trump previously argued that the country would be in a better state if women could not vote or be in a position to govern.

In fact, he also argued that the social system of patriarchy “is the best model for the continued success of a society.”

According to CNN’s KFile, the controversial remarks came from Trump-backed candidate John Gibbs, who recently won the Michigan Republican primary against the state's incumbent Rep. Peter Meijer.

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Appearing on a forum hosted by his think tank, Society for the Critique of Feminism, Gibb argued that the country would be better if women were restricted from voting.

“Some argue that in a democratic society, it is hypocritical or unjust for women, who are 50% of the population, not to have the vote,” Gibbs argued. “This is obviously not true, since the founding fathers, who understood liberty and democracy better than anyone, did not believe so. In addition, all people under age 18 cannot vote, although they too comprise a significant portion of the population. So we cannot say that women should be able to vote simply because they are a large part of the population.”

To close his argument, he wrote: “Thus, we conclude that increasing the size and scope of government is unequivocally bad. And since women’s suffrage has caused this to occur on a larger scale than any other cause in history, we conclude that the United States has suffered as a result of women’s suffrage.”

In a different section of his argument, he wrote: “The Bible clearly articulates the idea that women should not teach or maintain positions of power.”

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“Although the reason is not expressly mentioned, it must be due to the nature of women (i.e. their differing mental characteristics), since every other command for living in the Bible is based on the condition of man,” he wrote. “In other words, because women do not possess the characteristics necessary to govern, and since women have a more important task to do, which is to prepare the next generation, they are commanded not to rule.”

He also posed a different argument titled, “Why is it that women should be the ones to take care of the children?” It’s clear, he wrote, that “the female species, were the ones selected by nature to rear children.”

“Be aware, however, that we are not advocating that men have no part whatsoever in raising their children,” he wrote. “On the contrary, we believe that fathers should be an integral part of the upbringing of their children. We simply believe that this is not the father’s primary task, whereas it is the mother’s.”

Gibbs' campaign website also includes similar rhetoric. Per the news outlet, Gibbs "voices support for an array of textbook right-wing issues, including protecting Second Amendment rights, repealing abortion rights and reforming elections based on Trump’s lies about the 2020 vote."

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