American democracy is facing a 'grave threat': Robert Reich previews Joe Biden's upcoming speech

American democracy is facing a 'grave threat': Robert Reich previews Joe Biden's upcoming speech
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Robert Reich, former United States Secretary of Labor, is weighing in with his thoughts on President Joe Biden's upcoming speech.

In a new op-ed Reich noted that Biden's speech will focus on the fight underway to protect America's democracy; one that officials have described as the “battle for the soul of the nation” – the fight to protect that democracy.

He warned of the political battle and how thing have evolved over the last couple of weeks. "The battle is already underway," Reich wrote. "A week after a team of FBI agents descended on his residence in Florida, Trump warned 'people are so angry at what is taking place' that if the 'temperature' isn’t brought down 'terrible things are going to happen.'”

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Reich also recalled the latest series of events that have transpired as Republicans continue to stir the pot.

"Trump and his Republican allies are doing all they can to increase the temperature," he wrote, adding, Last Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham warned of 'riots in the streets' if Trump is prosecuted. Trump spent much of Tuesday morning reposting messages from known proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory and from 4chan, an anonymous message platform where threats of violence often bloom."

According to Reich, there is only one choice left to persevere America's democracy. "The essential political choice in America, therefore, is no longer Democrat or Republican, left or right, liberal or conservative," he wrote. "It is democracy or authoritarian fascism."

"There can be no compromise between these two – no halfway point, no 'moderate middle,' no 'balance.' To come down squarely on the side of democracy is not to be 'partisan.' It is to be patriotic," he wrote.

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He also made it clear that this is not a battle Democratic lawmakers can fight alone. Reich believes they need to find common ground with other political parties. "Yet Democrats cannot and must not take on this battle alone. They must seek common ground with independents and whatever reasonable Republicans remain," he explained.

"We must continue to appeal to truth, facts, logic, and common sense. We must be unwavering in our commitment to the constitution and the rule of law," he wrote. "We must be clear and courageous in exposing the authoritarian fascist direction the Republican party has now chosen, and the dangers this poses to America and the world."

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